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Organisational Standards

True growth and success for Elfpath will only come through serving the needs of our students. The following standards will assist us in recognising and reaching this goal. 

  • The primary purpose of Elfpath is and will remain to teach the Meta-Intuitive Arts through practical and effective methods, and to encourage people to become more truly themselves and make the most out of their life.
  • We are dedicated to providing quality intuitive teachings and guidance to students of all ages, with a focus on increasing their awareness, developing their own potential and awakening their heart.
  • The organisations' name is and will remain Elfpath, which stands for the Easy, Light and Fun Path to Awakening True Harmony.


Management & Human Resources:

  • The Elfpath Foundation will have central management, consisting of high level intuitives, who are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Foundation. Central management may delegate to other branches of Elfpath where appropriate. 
  • All branches in other counties will adhere to the standards set by the board of the Elfpath Foundation.
  • People in a managing position must have a Green Belt or higher, and people running an Elfpath branch must have a Black Belt or higher, in order to ensure high standards of people management and decision making.
  • All organisational decisions will be made on the basis of an intuitive scan, and in harmony with the heart.
  • The Elfpath Foundation aims to find the right person for each job, and expect each team member to perform their responsibilities from a sense of excitement and interest. Team members will give their best effort when working for Elfpath or its students.
  • All Elfpath staff will make every effort to communicate healthily and responsibly, with concern for the energy we hold and the words we speak. We will honour all our commitments.
  • Managers and teachers will communicate with each other and the students often and effectively. Bad news or problems will be communicated immediately so the problem can be addressed and corrected.
  • All people involved with Elfpath will be kind to one another.


Services & Products:

  • Elfpath is committed to training teachers and counselors following the Elfpath method of intuitive education, with a strong focus on intuitive, communicative and educational skills. All teaching will be conducted in line with the Teacher Code of Conduct, and we will supervise professional behaviour in all of our staff.
  • All intuitives associated with Elfpath will make every effort to provide advice and information in the most truthful and helpful way possible with the purpose to optimally suit the student or client's need.
  • All Elfpath teachers will show sensitivity and caring towards their students, and will be optimally responsive to students needs in- and outside of class hours.
  • Meta- Tools are enchanted to excellent standards and shipped with care. We will provide detailed information on how to use the Tools, and will give accurate pre-sales information on which Tools will be most suitable to our customers.

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