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The Switch A3F to A1F

Posted by on in Personal journey
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Even though the website says I am A3F, but a few months ago ish, I have made a switch to A1F. Angel said that I been stuck on A1F things and said that it would help me to play A1F for awhile. I was baffled at first like "whaaat, me?!" Idk why, but I saw it as some special thing that only special people can have. But we're all people. :)  I also had a big thing that says "I'm not allowed to play, and I'm not the favorite child" I never felt like one anyways. In a strange way, A1F represented more of what I have been wanting and for awhile I was trying to say A3F did that for me. But since playing with A1F, my teachers says it's been working out for me, and it suits me more, and I feel more free! Free to do what I want. :)

I still haven't been able to complete the switch tho, still deciding, is cause part of me still likes some of the things A3F has. And part of me misses it a little, but I feel as an A1F I understand A3F better, like I can see things clearer. It is a bit like waking up from a bad dream into a nice fun one too. And I know it comes with a big amount of joy because when I tune into A1F, it's like part of me goes "YEAAAAHHH THAT! THAT THING!" But I'm still unclear on what that means. :)

I also learned A1Fs have a shiny thing they lean on, so I picked the most obvious shiny, the Angel/Kirael doAni. I have other ideas about my shiny, but whenever I try to explain it, it got complicated, so I just made it simple by picking the Angel. :)


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