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Of all the people this program has changed – for better or worse – there are so few that speak out about it. There are many that give testimonials and wisdom and share the exercises and tell their friends but they never really… talk. So that’s what this blog is for. This matters to me, and in wanting to help lots of people, I’ll share. All of my Elfpath sharing needs will happen through here for at least a while.

This is about Me and my process. My experiences with Elfpath. How it’s helped me, what I learn, where I grow, what I struggle with. All the things.

Learning to Dance Inside

Posted by on in Personal journey
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One cool thing about being a source [and not a senser] is that I get to learn ways of working in my system that are different from what sensers do. I've been so used to the senser techniques, I wanted to really 'understand' this idea that how I do is different from how I had been taught before. But it doesn't quite work that way. The brain can't get it.

The other cool thing? Once I quit trying to understand it so much, it's starting to make more sense.

Yesterday afternoon I got to seek out a young kid piece inside. It wanted to control and dominate others [and me] and be mean about it. Instead of trying to visualize the kid piece and work through the parenting steps and be an A3 about it [this is a kid needing a parent, so I should be an A3 about it, right?], I sat in my guts.

I held the focus that there was a young me inside, lower in the guts, and I could FEEL it. 

I STAYed in the guts.

And from the place I sat, I felt out the flow of what the kid was doing. And then I got a sense of what the flow should actually be. And then I fed the ideal flow in to override the messy stuff. 

I try to think about it, this probably shouldn't address the emotions and ideas and attitudes of the piece. But, everything inside and outside is just energy. What someone can see as a child running around doing things and talking and wearing clothes, I can glimpse - sure. And then I can tune in to the FEEL of it, the flow. If it fits, I can make it stronger. If it doesn't, I can override it with something healthier. 

This seems to work a lot better than trying to focus on all the nit-picky details of the piece I'm working on. It's like - if I can get a feel for the flow of the piece I want to work on and what needs done, and then do it with this method, the things I need to notice will probably become more obvious. And when in doubt, ask for help.

So why is this technique helpful? For whatever reason, with this method [and in my guts], inside work flowed much easier. It didn't take as long. I got more done. AND! It felt more FUN. The energy I held was more light and gentle and focused and play. That's exactly who I've been wanting to learn to be. Yay Me!


So! Hey Life!



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Guest Tuesday, 20 February 2018