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Blog 2015-10-04: Recap of recent events - Part 1

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Hello site, long time no blog!

A quick recap of recent events before bed:

On Monday September 14, 2015 (2015-09-14) I became homeless. Due to financial reasons and personal reasons (such as radiating a pile of mess into the house, making the sensers cringe whenever I was around).

Fortunately, there is a shelter for the homeless in town where I can usually spend the night for a few euros, including breakfast, shower, internet access. So I am safe and warm and showered and fed :).


On Saturday 2015-10-03, my folks came to town to put most my belongings in their car and store them at their house for the time being.

The Angel said that day that I looked moe sane than I had in a while. Yay! \0/. I had been going nuts, trying hard to do it right. Being on my own for a while has apparently been good for me :).
Angel also reccomended that I stay away from the Rohaa/Angel house for the coming 7-10 days (that would be until October 10-13), until the big shift is over. Because part of me still fights the energies, which is not good for me or the people there.


Cas mentioned that one of her cousins reminded her of me, and that he has grown a lot more confident since he took up acting, and that he's good at impressions.


Now, this connects with my own experience, in that I have always been good at impressions; that is, at holding the energy of something and acting that out. Can be an animal, a fictional character, a Borg cube. The strangest and most exotic things, from Samurai warriors to velociraptor to T-rex to Han Solo running away from storm troopers. I can do them, and do them convincingly and well.

Furthermore, at times when I'm stuck and seemingly unable to do even basic A0, basic joy, and my LPA, what often helps me is to do a few impressions. Hold a velociraptor, a giraffe, a t-rex, a bunny, an orc engineer, and then A0 and LPA, and suddenly I do it just fine.
A note on what I do: I hold the energy of it, and then I act it out. So I imagine for example being a velociraptor, hold the energy of velociraptor, and then act like a velociraptor. Walk, run, screech, eat like a velociraptor. And of course have fun with it! That's basically how it works :).

I am wondering if this thing with doing impressions s an A1m thing and/or a swagger thing, a part of the A1m/swagger/Gimli archetype.
Who knows? Maybe people like me will all practise acting and doing impressions on a daily basis. It is definitely a thing that works well for me, so I am going to play with it. I can be all droopy and depressed, and I start looking more alive within seconds once I hold a few different energies, do a few impressions.


Sleepy time now, good night Elfpath site! <3 0/

BOOM and thanks to whoever updated my profile!
Orange belt! One of my favourite belts! :D

And thus my quest for self-discovery continues! Transmitting from the homeless night shelter in Groningen, but the important thing is, Gimli is still transmitting!


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