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Bahro - Happy Puppy

Posted by on in Day to day
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 I wanted to share a funny that happened on my way to work. I was cycling along, when all of a sudden I was passed by a guy and his dog. As they passed the dog, face wide open and panting, gave me a brief look before they moved on ahead. That one look was enough, as I started smiling and then laughing and then soon bending over because 'LOL!'. The dog was having such a good time, it was radiating 'WOOHOO!!!' all over the place. And so I picked it up :).

'Self. Hi. That is not mine.' *snort* 'Still not mi-hihi-hine.' *giggle* *lol* 'Hookay, grooouuunnnd.' *hehe*

I sort of grounded it and felt a bit less lol :), as I cycled on I saw the guy had pulled over on the sidewalk to let his dog on the grass. It looked a bit like '*pant* *pant* hee that was fun :D'

So, yeah. Happy puppy :).