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1. HOLD the FEMALE version of you on your throne. What you want to DO??
2. HOLD the MALE version of you on your throne. What you want to DO??
3. Whats difference in DOINGS?
4. Any time peoples are MEAN or dismissive to peoples of other gender today GET ON THEIR CASE!! MAKE them listen. SHOW them it's NOT ok!

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I did something new today. I did yoga for the first time in a long time and it was two types i'd never done before. Angel mentioned a while back that when you shape you shape through your body. So if your body is soft and flabby then you're shapings are going to be soft and flabby.

So I've been looking for something to not just do cardio to get me into shape but also to work on my muscles. And I figure a class called HOT yoga full of hot girls might be more interesting then a gym full of guys doing weights :D Also doing a sample class of poledancing next week. Cause hey sexy and muscle building is way better than some boring exercises with weights :D And did I mention the hot girls :D

It poked actually a lot of buttons when I was doing it. At one moment I was doing some pose and it felt like i unlocked something. Like some rush of feeling suddenly came up. I'm not sure what it was.

I also felt small, mousy. A lot like how I used to feel all the time. And when the teacher told me I was doing fine and that its ok doing the lighter version of things cause thats how you get up to the harder versions I burst out in tears. I felt so out of place in a room full of these girls with lean bodies who could do all this stuff so well.

So I hit a lot of body issues stuff and something similar came up yesterday. That was about being good enough to be called beautiful.That part of me only feels like I can call myself beautiful if I look a certain way and have reached a certain weight goal. Cause then I'll deserve it. The same thing popped up today with thoughts like: how can anyone call me beautiful. I don't meet any of the standards. I worked on talking to getting those pieces out cause I figure I dont need pieces inside telling me that kind of nonsense. They standing in the way of me and my decision and me and my goals.

This has been the theme of the week with monday starting out with Angel talking about women and beauty just last monday. And me finding out that my decision of choosing sexy over pretend smart actually makes perfect sense as opposites. Cause the pretending to be smart is trying to fill the hole of not feeling beautiful. And it will never be able to do that. So deciding to be sexy is a step towards actually seeing myself as beautiful. And meaning it.

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The other day Ro asked me to heal her finger for her. She had cut herself on a box in the freezer and it was a rather deep cut and painful. So I healed it.

I started with the surface, the place where it hurt and the cut was. And when I did that she said it started tingling.

I then proceeded to focus on what was causing it. I find I don't need to know what that is. I just focus on the thing whatever it is that is causing it and focus my energy on healing that and giving it what it needs. And then Ro suddenly said: what did you just do different? Did you do the thing where you focus on the cause? I said yes. And Ro said: cause I just felt a big ... [dont remember the exact emotion] all of a sudden and when I traced it it was the cause of this cut!

Yay! :D

And then I went on to do more healing on the cause and she said: whoa and now this other feeling comes up and I can tell it was under this first feeling causing it!

That is cool Susi! 

And then she said: wow I feel better now! Not just the cut but all over! :D


Yes that is very very cool! My healing's getting more effective and I get instant feedback that I'm doing things and what I'm doing :D

Yay want do MORE MORE MORE!  

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People like Ceo's and top level executives use a tool to get things done. Most people spend their time doing the unimportant stuff. They have 10 minutes and look around and say what can I get done and end up doing their entire day only the small and unimportant things that can be done quickly.

The thing that top level executives do is to make instead a list with all the things that you want or need to do that day and label them.

A for absolutely want get done today,

B for would be nice to get done

C for doesnt really matter if it gets done or not

Most people end up doing only c level things in a day. Executives by doing this and reviewing what they got done they get the important stuff done. They actually DO all the things that they labelled as A. And if there is time for other stuff they grab some B things.


So what do you do to practice this?

1. Write a list each morning and decide what goes in a, b and c columns. Make the A list doable so you can actually get it all done that day. If you have things that will require more days then divide it into pieces that can get done. Such as writing a book you might go: look at layout of this other book to see how they did it, write an outline for the introduction, etc.

2. Look your list over at end of day and see what you got done. If you haven't gotten all your A list things done then you probably need to do more OR you have made your A list or the items on your A list too big.


3. added bonus at end of week look at your lists and notice patterns and if you have bigger tasks that need doing it may help to make some weekly goals: I want to get his done by the end of the week so that means i need to do this on Monday, this on Tuesday, this on Wednesday.


Shapers past beginner level should carry lists around so they can always pull it up and say ok which things are important to me that i can do right now. So they no longer just do random things and constantly looking for things to do. The list should be so big that you always have things to do that matter to you.

This will help you have success in work but more importantly also in your LIFE. On the things that YOU care about. We spend all this energy on our work and school. On stuff that isnt all that important to us in the end. People at work or school will forget you if you should die today. The people that are close to you, like your close friends won't. They will remember you and celebrate you. And if you do something big like write a book or a song it will be remembered long after you are dead. Your loved ones and big things that you always wanted to do deserve as much and really MORE of your focus and your attention as your work does.


And YOU, you are the one you'll be spending every moment with for the rest of your life. Everyone else might leave and YOU will still be there. So you deserve the MOST of your focus and attention. If you want a thing for yourself then give yourself a goal, a deadline and deliverables and then work on it to get it done. And it doesn't have to be serious things. You can have a fun thing that you want to get done for yourself. Get focused about it and actually get it done. You deserve attention, focus and you deserve to have things!





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OK this is at least the second time that angel mentioned to me i could write a book. The first time was when he mentioned the 4 supersecrets to us. And tonight again he suggested i could be writing at least 4 books by now :D

ANd that he has lots of material that needs writing at some point and sharing with the world and there will be lots of awesome ideas that will be in need of writing up after :D

And not only would it get me a decent income or even set me up for life if I get a bestseller. It would be awesome for Elfpath and do much for getting Angel ideas out there much quicker and help way more people. And it wouldnt be more work. It would replace the work I currently do.

So if I choose this I can start making it happen by shaping it and also physically shaping by going to talk to publishers about the ideas. If I decide it and work on making it happen it will happen.

He then said that he wouldn't mention it again. If i entertains me and i do it then awesome. If not then someone else can come along.


So...not sure i've ever seriously considered writing a book. NOW I AM :D



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Ever since my little girl was born I've always felt her tireds as if they were my own. Really intense wow I need to sleep now! Almost falling over! And when she was asleep I'd go...oh wait a minute, now its gone. Not mine. And even today it still happens often that I dont realise its not mine. I have noticed it much less so with feelings. I wonder if the BIG tired was due to my physical empathy. 


Also had a lot of pains over my life to where I saw loads of doctors and physical therapists and all sorts of alternative people. Maybe loads of that wasnt even mine. Seems like that stuff was preparing me for my gift in some way.

- It gave me lots of contact with whats out there. What types of doctors and alternative therapies and how often they dont really have a clue.

- it also showed me the desperation people get in when they are in pain. How all they want is to just get better. How it affects every single little thing they do to where everything they do reminds them of the pain and the illness. Seems useful to have experienced that if I want to be a good healer.

- It showed me a lot about feeling helpless and powerless and poor me. So I have something to compare to now and go, wow I feel so much stronger and more competent now. I do things i hadnt even considered I could do 5-10 years ago. And doing them like they are effortless.

- and it also helped me get into and stay with Elfpath in a way. Cause I was looking for all sorts of things  to help and was getting rather desperate was exactly why I was more open to this stuff and willing to try. People who are desperate are willing to try anything. Lots of motivation to keep trying.



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OMG had so much success with shaping tech lately :) Consistently shaping traffic lights to green pretty much instantly and just shaped my audiorecorder to have more batterypower! And it worked!


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Goodness, A NEW JOURNAL :D

And can use it for anything cause not everyone has to be able to read every post. It's wonderful :)


Let's do this!