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Building a path that is Easy, Light and Fun - while at the same time being effective and getting results - is a wonderful journey. There are challenges and victories, moments of hard work and moments of just sitting back and seeing my students be absolutely amazing all on their own. I have so many things to share and explain, and that's exactly what I'll be doing in this blog.



... didn't know it was possible, but I just found something I love to google even more than "Baby animals" or even just "babies". It's "Ocean Waves". Whoa. So beautiful. I could stare at this all day if I weren't busy putting content into Infobase :)

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For as long as I can remember, Angel has prophetised that people in this world are going to become increasingly attracted to their own gender. So I've been watching for it the past few years. 

This is especially easy in spring and summer, when people are showing off their bodies and when nature in general is a little more inclined to reproduction. And it's especially easy as a Senser, because when people point their sexual interest, you feel it. Very clearly. 

Last year, I noticed when I'd walk around town, there were suddenly a lot of men who... didn't check me out. Even though I looked amazing and was wearing, well, let's say not very much of anything. That was weird. And when I'd scan people, far more than the majority of men clearly scanned like in the long run, they would be happier with a male partner than with a female. It was a step into the direction we've been expecting.

THIS year... when the first bits of sun came out yesterday, I wore a miniskirt and tight top and all such wonderful summery clothings. And I found of all the boys and men who saw me on campus... a whole of one checked me out. Out of habit. Glanced over, then looked confused like he wasn't sure what he was doing. All the rest of them? "Whatever". Not just with me, either, with all the girls. And they were openly checking out other men.

And what surprised me a little, was the women. While the man were happily doing their thing and totally uninterested in long legs or cleavage, I had several woman come up to me saying "Ohh, you look sexy!" and many others check me out. It was awesome to see. And for some of these women, there was such a strong attraction between them. 

These aren't strange people. It's not that I'm suddenly in a different country, or hanging out with a different crowed. For the most part, these are exactly the same people that I was watching and studying last year. And they're different now. They may not consciously know it yet, but they've changed.

Way to go, world! 

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In the park where I sit under a tree every morning - much to the bemusement of the locals - there lives a pair of coots, male and female.

I've been coming to this same park and this same tree for months and months now, usually with some bread to feed to the local wildlife. What can I say, the tree tells me she likes it when the ducks come and sit and eat under her. She asks me "Did you bring it?" in the morning and she's disappointed on those days when no ducks come. But that's another story.

Being here every day, with food, has given me the opportunity to watch the daily live of the ducks, and of the coots.  This particular pair of coot has been impressing me with their tenaciousness and their dedication to their biology, so I thought I'd share their triumph with you :)

Almost two months ago, the coots made a beautiful nest to the right of my tree, in a little corner of the lake, very well protected, out of the wind, mostly out of sight. She-coot sat on it for about two weeks, he brought her food very dedicated, I thought there were definitely going to be some babies there. Then one morning, the nest was abandoned. I didn't see them for about a week.

Until one morning, on another corner of the lake, I saw them again, building a new nest. This one was much more shabby, and when the spring winds and rains came, the nest drifted to the centre of the lake and took quite a beating. They tried to fix it for a few days, dragging twigs around and putting them in. Then that nest broke too. I saw he-coot wander around now and then, without she-coot. 

And then! Maybe two weeks ago, I spotted them again, this time with a nest on the left side of my tree, in a little reed area there. It was a pretty green-looking nest. And Mr. Coot was suddenly getting very very protective. Every morning when I brought out the bread, he'd come up, and shoo any ducks that got in his way. Even the big fat crows, who terrorise the ducks, would back off when Mr. Coot was on a mission. I watched him the last two weeks making little trips from me back to the nest, piece of bread hanging out. It was adorable. He'd made three trips without eating anything himself, then he'd eat two or three pieces himself, stuff his beak with more, and go back and forth a few times. I saw Mrs. Coot sitting on the nest. I was hopeful!

Then yesterday and this morning, I didn't see anyone on the nest. I didn't see any coots, either. 

Then, this morning, there was Mr. Coot, swimming over from the other side of the lake all slow. He saw me, adjusted course, came on over. Picked up some food, went off to the nest. Running. And let me tell you, coots are adorable when they're running on water. Wait? The nest?! I went to the shore to look. And there was Mrs. Coot.

And there were two fluffly little BABY COOTS! They did it! After whole season of getting their nests destroyed and trying over and over again, and after weeks of fending off ducks and crows... they finally did it. They have babies! I'm so unreasonably proud of them! <3





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As part of my morning routine, I sit with a tree for a while every morning, and do my Earth and Sensing minutes. It's nice, it starts my day out right. And the tree likes it when I bring bread to feed the ducks. No ducks today, the tree was disappointed. Maybe they were sheltering from the rain.

Somewhere around 15:00 today, when I was sitting at my office, I ran a hand through my hair and... out falls a caterpillar. Just like that. Poof, on my table.

It was a beautiful caterpillar, maybe 2 cm long, a very bright green, and it felt all curious and a little freaked out. I'd be too, if I had just spent 6 hours sitting in someone's hair and then made a nosedive onto a desk! It walked on my hand for a while, up and down my fingers. It looked... well, a whole lot like the little caterpillar on front of the site.

I talked to someone on the computer for a while, holding the caterpillar in my palm, but it adventurously climbed all the way up my left arm onto my neck. Had a collegue pick it off, and took it outside.

I found it a very nice tree with a big bush under it, where I put it down on a leave. And since it was running in my head, I sang it the Miley Cirus' song, "Caterpillar in a tree, how you wonder who you'll be, can't go far but you can always dream! Wish you may and wish you might, don't you worry hold on tight, I promise you that there will come a day... butterfly fly away!"

When I put it down on the leaf (it was pouring rain still), it grabbed hold and stuck its little face into a drop of water on the leave and drank it all. It was adorable.

I've been focussing so much on working the website lately, the design of it, what features we need to best turn little caterpillars into beautiful butterflies. And then a caterpillar jumps out of a tree - and not just any tree, my friend the tree - and sits on my head all day. I'm going to go with, the caterpillars approve! They're coming to check it out!


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I am SO proud to announce our new "Who are we?" page.

It is full of people, and pictures of people, and words of people. It's full of life and enthusiasm and folks on a mission. These are the people who make Elfpath happen. If you, your relatives, your friend, or anyone around you ever wants to know, "So who are these Elfpath people?", you send them here. If you're trying to figure out who to go to for help, you go here. If you see someone around the site a lot and you're wondering what they actually DO, you look it up here.

Our "Who are we?" page is a great new resource, and there are many more to follow! If you've missed it, also check out its sibling, our new "About" page!

Thanks everyone for your hard work!


P.s. Yes, there will be links to profiles so you can contact people easily. There will also be pictures of everybody. Give me a little time on that :)

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Elfpath is an online school. That's been our purpose for it from the very beginning. A place where people from all over the world can come and hang out and learn about themselves and their intuition and really make a difference in their lives. Maybe with face-to-face workshops and intensives now and then, but mostly, online. So everyone can learn the Meta-Intuitive Arts and benefit from Angel's teachings, from their own home and community, and bring back all the things they learned at Elfpath to help their friends and relatives.

As I've been building up the Elfpath program over the last three years, I've also in silence been plotting how this online part of the school should look. And after three years, I got a pretty good idea of what our people needed: a place that is safe, open, where they can be themselves, express themselves, talk and chat and hang out freely and talk serious when they want, a place to see how their friends are doing, to inspire others, to notice when someone needs help and to give it, to have classes, see their course info, find their teachers and discuss their progress and show off their pictures... all in one! It's not a surprise that it took a while to find someone who could do all that. This week we finally did it.

And I want to take the opportunity to say thank you.

Thank you to all the students we've had over the last three years. Whether you realise it or not, Elfpath wouldn't be what it is today without every single one of you. Whether it got too much and you took a break for a while, or whether you stuck with it stubbornly and kept plowing on, I've learned so much from you. I know that especially in the early days, building the Elfpath has felt a lot like stumbling in the mud, with a program that was changing often and with a lot of information still undiscovered. I want you all to realise that because of your plowing through the mud and shoveling dirt, we now have a path that's a lot easier, lighter and more fun than when you started. That because of you, we've discovered new things and taught it to others. And that you are a part of something really special.

I am so grateful to all the people who have been helping me the last few weeks. I've been working very hard lately, taking hours off of sleep, food, and work, to put all my effort into realising my dream website for you. And it's been far more work than I could have done alone. I've asked a lot of the people around me the last weeks, and so many of you have stepped up, taken on responsibilities and tasks that were more than you knew you could handle, and you have done so excitedly and gratefully. Susanne, who's been tireless in setting up the shop, managing sales and products all on her own. Storm, who keeps proving to be reliable and present and a great people person with a huge smile on her face. Teddy, who always wants to help with everything that involves doing. Gimli, who's always around and doing his best to help with all the little details that I often don't get around to. Jasper, who's excitement about helping out makes it so much more fun to get the work done. It's been an amazing experience just working with so many of you, seeing you excited about this dream of ours, wanting to contribute and coming up with great ideas of your own.

Seeing and feeling everyone's responses when we first announced the beta-release was beautiful. You reminded me again why I do this, and how much it's worth it. And how happy it makes me to have all of you in my life to share these amazing times with.

Have fun with your new website: It's all yours now!


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The new Clear Air incense burner

Angel updated the Clear Air incense burner! The original version used the smoke of the incense to clear unhealthy energies and emotions in the air. In the updated version, the smoke is used as a trigger, while the magic works on a much larger scale, expanding from around the Clear Air burner through the entire room... and it doesn't stop there. It keeps on expanding outward, working most strongly around its source and sloping off until it encompasses an area around the size of a regular city.

That's not all! If you are chatting to someone online, especially over video, their emotions and energies will easily get projected into your room, making it messy. Think of it a lot like a lot of people using the same living space: you have to vacuum regularly to keep it clean. The updated Clear Air incense burner now traces the connections coming into the room, and clears out the space on the other end while at it! That means that while you're talking to your friends, their spaces will get cleared alongside your own as long as you have the magic going.


With the updated Clear Air incense burner, you can clear the energy in your entire city!


To reflect this change, we're changing the pricing of this magic tool from the standard E30,00 to E50,00.

Clear Air incense burner will be available from June 24 in the Magic Shop on the site (under Magic Returning). The shop's front end is still under construction, please be patient while we get things sorted.

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