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You have found Elfpath - the travel company for your life! 

free demoDo you want to find out who you are? What your life is going to be about?
Do you want to be more than you are now? Be able to do more, and enjoy more?
How about magic? You have powerful intuitive gifts somewhere inside.
It'll take a little work. It starts with facing what you find inside, and it involves simple practises,
real change, and a lot of fun.
Your journey can start here - At the EasyLight and Fun Path to Awakening True Harmony. 

Discover real magic

Magic is a word for something extraordinary that science can't explain yet. A thousand years ago, your computer would have been considered magic. Now, it's normal. The Meta-Intuitive Arts are like that.

We teach magic. You can learn it. You won't be flying by tomorrow, or win the lottery next month, but you will be able to develop your intuitive gifts. It's not Harry Potter magic yet, but it's the beginnings of it.

It's real. And you won't learn it anywhere else.

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Become your self

There is nothing more important you can do in this life than to figure out who you are, and to be that. Doing so will give you the greatest happiness, bring out your personal power, and give your life meaning.

Our two-year program helps you through all the things you have placed between you and your Self, and teaches you to express who you are with vibrance, excitement and integrity.

You can know who you are.


Make a difference

All of us see that the people around us are often hurting - themselves or each other. You want to help, to reach out, to make them smile again. You care, you want to express it, but where do you start?

At Elfpath you learn to tell when others need help, and what to do. You can become the guiding light in your environment. No more feeling helpless. If you want to help, we teach you how.

Change your world. It needs you.

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Elfpath Origins

Elfpath Origins

Elfpath started in 2009 as a small (10 people) school with two teachers and a main focus on developing and testing the early stages of our program. We were excited about learning real intuitive skills, and changing our lives so we could be happy.

origins2Angel taught us the basic excercises of SWEET and GCB, how to become aware of what we were feeling and how to work through early life hurt so that we could get a sense of who we really are. He taught us how to sense more than the physical, and to shape our energy system and the world around us. It worked. We liked it. We wanted more.

Drawing on 40 years of experience with the Meta-Intuitive Arts, off-the-scale intuitive skills and two decades of professional counselling, Angel started teaching a small group of us the basics. Up till then, he had only worked with students one on one, training them up over the span of years until they learned what they wanted and went their own way. It seemed inefficient. It was time to take all his teachings, and put them together into a path for anyone to follow. An online school, where everyone regardless of age, location or background could learn to find magic in their lives and grow into a strong, capable, and beautiful human being. So in 2009, Rohaa did that. Elfpath was born.

Elfpath students began to learn Angel's techniques, to do the small steps that get results. We set up our first website, and started to teach small groups of students over Skype. Our earliest students were so excited about what they were learning, that they became teachers in their own right, and started teaching their own students. Some people achieved what they came for and left, new ones came in. We learned from all of them. With what they taught us, we improved our program. 


In the summer, Elfpath students from all over the world would (and still) visit the Netherlands, where Angel, Rohaa and many of the higher belts live. They did three-month internships, or just visited for a week. They learned, they played, they got even more excited, and took their new skills back home to share it with the ones around them. And in turn, we learned from them what our students need most, and how they need it.

You see, what we're doing... no one has done this before. There are no old methods we can draw on, or teachings from other schools that we can easily follow. Elfpath is unique not only in what we teach, but in how we teach it. That's why it works.

Over the past few years, we've made the early stages of our program work amazingly well. People can get to Green Belt relatively easily, and find consistent results in personal power, happiness, intuitive ability and a general freedom to make their life work well. Intuitive gifts are starting to work very consistently, for everyone involved. Our teaching team has expanded significantly, to the well skilled team we have today.  We're still working on making the later stages as smooth as the basics, and we'll of course keep improving on the rest wherever we can.

We look back on our Origins with excitement about the growing we've done, and with gratitude for all the students, present and past, who've been a part of it. On to to future!