Discover real magic

You Are Gifted

Every child has magic.

Naturally. Just like that. Born with it.

All children know this, it's so obvious to them that they never even question it. And all parents who pay a little bit of attention to their young children know it, too.

Small children see things that no one else can see, hear things that no one else can hear. They know what's going to happen in advance sometimes, and they will easily (and often!) recall past lives and talk about them. They can usually tell what the people around them are feeling. Newborn babies poke their mothers with energy to wake them up in the middle of the night.

Intuitive magic is as natural to humans as our desire to learn, to explore, to talk and share and love and laugh.

If all children have magic... then so do you. You were born with powerful Meta-Intuitive abilities. You just never learned how to develop them. You can, it's not too late!


Just like talking and writing

You see, the way the Meta-Intuitive (magical) abilities work, is much like the ability to talk and write. Almost everybody is born with the ability to say words, use sentences to communicate with others, and eventually read and write letters from a page ... all the way up to reading entire books and writing novels. We don't consider this magic. We consider it simply a thing that all children are capable of, and that needs teaching and training so that as adults, they can do it well and enjoy the benefits. You are using this same skill to read our website right now (thanks!).

 Being able to speak, read and write words opens up a world of knowledge, stories, and experiences through books and the interent. It lets you watch beautiful and inspiring movies. It lets you communicate with people half a world away - or leave messages for people who aren't with you right this second. It lets you share what you are thinking, how you are feeling. It lets you create.


But if you were taken into the jungle as a child and raised by those who don't speak, and who don't know anything about the written word... you would grow up never learning how to. Books would be a mystery to you. Two people having a conversation would sound like confused mumbling. You would have no idea why people spend all day staring at a screen poking at little buttons, and when they explained that they are writing and talking and communicating with other people... you'd probably call them crazy and say no such thing exists.

Because you never learned about words, and speaking, and writing.

Magic is simply a thing that all children are capable of, and that needs teaching and training so that as adults, they can do it well and enjoy the benefits.

You never learned about magic, either. You never learned about sensing intuitively what is truth and what's a lie, or what someone else is feeling, or what the most helpful action in any situation is. You've no idea how to intentionally change the vibe of a room to make people happy, or to calm down people who are freaked out. You don't know how to shape the world around you so that your dreams can become possible. In this field, it's a bit like you were born in a jungle, with no one around you speaking the language or teaching you how to use your inborn abilities so that they could grow into something amazing. But with a bit of remedial teaching, you can learn.

A School for Magic

At Elfpath, we teach magic. We teach people how to get the abilities back that they had as a child - and then make them better, more consistent, and stronger. And then of course... learning to do more. Because you are not a child anymore. You can take these abilities that are natural to children, and develop them into something solid, consistent, powerful. Something that works when you need it to work. So that you can use them, and have a life that is richer, brighter and a whole lot more fun than a life without magic.

Learning about magic is about finding your way back to a natural ability you should have been taught from birth. It's a wonderful exploration into all those things that as a child, you knew you could do.

It's not Harry Potter Magic... yet. No one is going to send you an invitation by owl and give you a magic wand. You actually have to do the signing up part yourself. (Fortunately, you can do that right here). You have to do some actual work - both inner work and outside world work - to make it happen. You won't have superpowers tomorrow. Fortunately, because that would be like giving bazookas to children. But you will start to see results within just a few months, and you can observe the beginnings of real intuitive magic in our more advanced students.

It's real. You can have it. Go get.