You're ready now

There are so many people out there who want to help. Who really want to make that difference in the world. Who feel called to it, and who get upset every time they see or feel someone else get hurt. And they are sitting at home thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice" and "Maybe someday" and "When I'm ready." 

Don't be that person.

Follow that feeling inside that says "I want to do something. I need to be involved somehow. This isn't right. I want to help." It is that feeling that will get you over your insecurities, and your laziness, and your hopelessness, and right into the path of those people out there who need you. And it is in helping others that you will grow and heal yourself.

Don't worry (too much) about hurting others. If you listen to that voice inside that says "I care. I love these people, I love this world, I want to be a part of making it better", then you will help more people than you hurt. And the more you practise helping and healing, the better you will get at it. There isn't a time where you magically become "ready", or where you know enough. The time when you finally know enough and have it all figured out, is going to be some moments after you leave this life. Not any time sooner.

If you sit around waiting to be ready, you will never help anyone. You won't make that difference in the world. And you will never feel the joy of being so intensely wrapped up in your desire help to that you want to give it everything you have and more.

Get busy. Start today. You're never going to be more ready than right now.

Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.
- Marianne Williamson

 The simple things

There are so many ways you can help. So many people out there for who you can make a very important difference, and who need it badly.

If you're not sure about that, look around you. Chances are, if you are here reading this, then you are one of those many people who are already painfully aware that the ones around you are hurting. Feel lost. Are lonely, and spend many hours a day wondering if anybody even loves them, or cares about them. Who feel like they want to go home, wherever that is. And in response, they either lock up and hide, lash out with little cruelties to the people in their lives, or put on a a mask and pretend everything is fine until one day, it's not.

You know people like this. Maybe you are, or have been, just like this. Whether someone else reached out and helped you through, or you found your way out on your own strength, or even if you are still in that place... you have something very important to give. Understanding. Compassion. Hope that things can get better, that happiness and freedom are possible. You can be their example, or a helping hand.

You have no idea how much a simple gesture, a smile, a kind word, a honest answer from you, can transform someone's life. It can be the fallen groceries you picked up for them, the extra two minutes you spent listening to a collegue's story when you wanted to go, the obvious lie of "I'm fine" that you looked past, the unexpected hug you gave. Maybe they will it shrug off and have forgotten you altogether by the time they get home. Or maybe, your smile in the middle of a crowd was the one thing that got them to remember that there are people in this world who see them, who look at them with something more than disinterest or scorn... and maybe you saved a life. You don't know. You can't know. All you know is that you were there, and you noticed, and you cared. That's how you start.


Getting good at it

Those are the simple things. Anyone can do those, and the world would be a much friendlier place if everyone did. There is, however, a lot more than you can do.

Awareness -- At Elfpath, we teach all our students to become more aware of their surroundings, and the people in it. So that you don't have to wait for someone to start crying to know that they are having a really tough day, and so you can reach out to catch them before they fall. With some training awareness and a caring heart, you will always know just where to be and who to help. "I didn't know they were having trouble" won't happen to you.

Skill -- Knowing that someone needs help is one thing, knowing what to do is quite something different. It can be quite daunting to have someone look at you for help, and know that they're depending on you. We can teach you when to help, and how. What to say, in what way, and what they most need at any giving moment. We'll teach you how to provide it. In a very short time, you can get to a place where you can competently handle any problem someone needs your help with. You can make that difference.

Lifting them up -- But there's more to changing the world than finding those with problems and fixing them! With some training you can learn to do something really amazing: to lift people up. To set them free. To help them find who they are, what it is that makes them come alive. There is nothing more beautiful in the world than to see someone else light up inside, to see their eyes start to shine when you have managed to hit something real in them, when you've set them free of something that made them unhappy. In helping someone else to grow, to open up, you've made the world a little more beautiful place. And you've given yourself a amazing gift at the same time.

All Elfpath students are offered the chance to learn how to council, and teach, both within our program and out in the world.

This is your world. And all the people in it, are part of your people. Don't wait around. Become as amazing as you can, make as big an impression as you can... and do so by starting to make that difference to the people around you today. Touch lives. Be here, be real, and let your heart speak.

You Are Gifted

Every child has magic.

Naturally. Just like that. Born with it.

All children know this, it's so obvious to them that they never even question it. And all parents who pay a little bit of attention to their young children know it, too.

Small children see things that no one else can see, hear things that no one else can hear. They know what's going to happen in advance sometimes, and they will easily (and often!) recall past lives and talk about them. They can usually tell what the people around them are feeling. Newborn babies poke their mothers with energy to wake them up in the middle of the night.

Intuitive magic is as natural to humans as our desire to learn, to explore, to talk and share and love and laugh.

If all children have magic... then so do you. You were born with powerful Meta-Intuitive abilities. You just never learned how to develop them. You can, it's not too late!


Just like talking and writing

You see, the way the Meta-Intuitive (magical) abilities work, is much like the ability to talk and write. Almost everybody is born with the ability to say words, use sentences to communicate with others, and eventually read and write letters from a page ... all the way up to reading entire books and writing novels. We don't consider this magic. We consider it simply a thing that all children are capable of, and that needs teaching and training so that as adults, they can do it well and enjoy the benefits. You are using this same skill to read our website right now (thanks!).

 Being able to speak, read and write words opens up a world of knowledge, stories, and experiences through books and the interent. It lets you watch beautiful and inspiring movies. It lets you communicate with people half a world away - or leave messages for people who aren't with you right this second. It lets you share what you are thinking, how you are feeling. It lets you create.


But if you were taken into the jungle as a child and raised by those who don't speak, and who don't know anything about the written word... you would grow up never learning how to. Books would be a mystery to you. Two people having a conversation would sound like confused mumbling. You would have no idea why people spend all day staring at a screen poking at little buttons, and when they explained that they are writing and talking and communicating with other people... you'd probably call them crazy and say no such thing exists.

Because you never learned about words, and speaking, and writing.

Magic is simply a thing that all children are capable of, and that needs teaching and training so that as adults, they can do it well and enjoy the benefits.

You never learned about magic, either. You never learned about sensing intuitively what is truth and what's a lie, or what someone else is feeling, or what the most helpful action in any situation is. You've no idea how to intentionally change the vibe of a room to make people happy, or to calm down people who are freaked out. You don't know how to shape the world around you so that your dreams can become possible. In this field, it's a bit like you were born in a jungle, with no one around you speaking the language or teaching you how to use your inborn abilities so that they could grow into something amazing. But with a bit of remedial teaching, you can learn.

A School for Magic

At Elfpath, we teach magic. We teach people how to get the abilities back that they had as a child - and then make them better, more consistent, and stronger. And then of course... learning to do more. Because you are not a child anymore. You can take these abilities that are natural to children, and develop them into something solid, consistent, powerful. Something that works when you need it to work. So that you can use them, and have a life that is richer, brighter and a whole lot more fun than a life without magic.

Learning about magic is about finding your way back to a natural ability you should have been taught from birth. It's a wonderful exploration into all those things that as a child, you knew you could do.

It's not Harry Potter Magic... yet. No one is going to send you an invitation by owl and give you a magic wand. You actually have to do the signing up part yourself. (Fortunately, you can do that right here). You have to do some actual work - both inner work and outside world work - to make it happen. You won't have superpowers tomorrow. Fortunately, because that would be like giving bazookas to children. But you will start to see results within just a few months, and you can observe the beginnings of real intuitive magic in our more advanced students.

It's real. You can have it. Go get.

 Your life, your happiness, your rules

You didn't come into this life with much of a manual of who you are and what your purpose is for this life. Your wish list and job description weren't tattooed on your forarms when you were born, nor did you have any idea if life is a job, a school, or rather a play date. What are you here for? Are you doing it right? Your caregivers early in life taught you what they could, but they didn't tell you who you are. They couldn't. That's your job.

In fact, it's the most important thing you can do in life. Be yourself. Find out what that means. Look under all the rules other people gave you, and all the ways you tried to be like them, and figure out what's really you. What makes you happy? What makes you feel excited to be alive? What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? In finding out who you are and expressing that in your life - your way, your rules - you will find intense happiness.

You didn't come with a written manual on how to do that. But you did get a full package with everything you need to make this life an amazing experience. Skills, natural abilities and strong suits, pre-installed happybuttons, and a rich and powerful sense of Self. You will find this package full of goodies for life, inside. 

 The journey inside

Many spiritual movements, inspirational speakers and self-help books talk about inner peace, and the journey inside to get there. It's still often kind of vague. What do you do? What tools do you use, and how do you handle what you find there? Where do you start? You feel like it should be obvious, and yet for most people, it's not. It's confusing. It's vague. You're not getting the results you want.

When you go on a journey, it helps to follow a path. You can go on your own, without a path, but it's a lot of stumbling around in the dark, bumping your toes and walking around in circles. If you're here, you've probably tried that already. It's easier with a path you can follow, a more-or-less paved route with road signs. Of course you have to find a path that will get you there. Not all of them do.

We consider ourselves a bit of a Travel Company. We've got a map. We've got tour guides who've been following these trails for years and know where the beautiful lookouts are, which slopes are slippery, and we can help you get where you're looking to go. We show the routes open to you, where they go and what to expect. Then you do the walking. It's practical, it's fun, and it's effective.

The journey inside is the travel of a lifetime. It's the scariest thing you can ever do, the most difficult, and the most rewarding. Finding your Self makes your life have meaning.

Part of figuring out who you are, is facing what is inside you. The parts that you always thought were you, but aren't. The lies you told yourself, or that others taught you as true. The parts that are you, but that you want to change and improve because they got damaged along the way. The walls and protections you put up when life got scary or painful. And under there, the beautiful, powerful sense of Self that feels so much like finally coming home.

You are so much more than you know...

Connect to the world around you

Don't stop at just finding your Self. You already knew who you are before you came to this life. That's nothing new. You're here to do something with it. To express it. To play with your Self, to connect to others who are doing the same, and to make a great story together.

We'll teach you that, too. Because knowing your Self really only is worth it if you also get to express it with passion, with grace, dancing through life and embracing it. In this expressing, you really get to know what you are all about.

And at the end of your path? Well, there isn't really an end. There is always more. But as you walk your path, you will get to know your Self - the best travel companion. And you'll become a seasoned traveler, with amazing stories to tell.