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Trust vs. Faith

Trust vs. Faith

by Angel, Jan 31 2011


I just read Tayami's first journal entry, immediately followed by Enelya's latest entry. Both are studying my ideas. Tayami is confused by her first exploration of SWEET and disturbed by comments on religion and faith. Enelya is exploring things I told her about a larger part of herself.

In their shoes, I *feel* their confusion. I used to be where Tayami is. Very religious, very sure the answers I'd been taught explained everything, and very tentative about even listening to ideas that questioned my beliefs. And re-reading some of what I told Enelya, I can remember being in graduate school and being very intellect-driven. I'd have had a hard time accepting what I told her.

In fact, I can remember being a lot of places along this path. It's easy to forget them now, since some things are so clear and so much easier. But each of these challenging points folks are going thru, I've been there. With a bit of focus and some empathy, I can recall that state, that place.

Trusting Or Finding Your Own Methods

So what?

Good question! I spent years going thru some things, often with lots of struggle, extremes of anger or depression or confusion... lots of chaos. Over the years, I've developed some methods to follow. If I'd had them at the time, I could have made it thru the messy bits much quicker and easier. And if I'd had someone I could trust to listen to, I'd have known which direction to go.

How's that relevant to you?

Well, you can refuse to use the methods I've developed, and eventually create your own. From experience I'll tell you it's a LLLOOOOOTTTT more work that way. And you can refuse to trust your teachers when they tell you things. "Energy is real." "SWEET is amazing and effective. It works." "We bring wisdom and skills from other lifetimes." ... and a lot more. Or you can take a risk and trust them. Give it a try and see what happens.

But that's the same thing as just following a religion and you people say to question your blind beliefs.

Good point! Is the ELFpath a religion? Does it give you things you *have* to believe to be a member? Fortunately not. Then what's the difference? Religion gives you answers, definite absolute answers you are not allowed to question. "The prophet ascended into heaven on a winged horse." "An angel named Moroni brought the holy books on gold tablets." "Zeus is married to Hera." "Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified." "Brahmā created eleven Prajapatis who created humanity." A month or a year or 20 years later, you still have to believe the same things.

Tools Are Not Beliefs

ELFpath gives you tools. Try SWEET. Experience it. If you are doing it right, it will astound you. Do you have to believe me? No. Just trust me enough on the method to give it a try. Then try it for a while. And if you find it doesn't work for you, then quit. The ELFpath is about personal experience. Faith is not required, and is even discouraged, as blind faith blinds you. When you absolutely KNOW that a thing is true, you can never look at other possibiliites.

And one of the first skills ELFpath teaches, after SWEET, is the ability to SCAN. With SCANning, you can sense whether a thing is true for you. From that point forward you never have to believe your teachers, or anyone else. You can just SCAN it for yourself.

Now, if your teachers are doing their job right, they'll keep pushing you to explore new things. They'll lead you thru the ways you are lying to yourself. They'll help you discover blind spots and begin to see clearly. They'll show you where you are caught in the ideas of your family, your culture, your religion, and so on... and how to get free. And at each of those stages, you'll want to seriously doubt, or even to run away. And at each of those stages a tentative step made in trust is necessary. Small steps made in trust, not blind leaps of faith.

And if you can continue to trust -- your teachers, the methods, your own perceptions and experience, the others on the path -- you'll race thru the things I spent years struggling thru alone. And if you can't, then you get to find your own path. And in 20 years or so, perhaps create your own version of the ELFpath, and begin to share that with others.

++ Angel

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