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Belt Requirements, version 2.1




Gaining a White Belt means that you are qualified to start learning the Meta-Intuitive Arts.

  1. You are willing to learn new things with an open mind and a beginner's attitude.
  2. You have committed to doing the exercises for the Demo Class and journaled about them.
  3. You have a good idea of what you would like to get out of Elfpath.
  4. You have a basic understanding of what energy and awareness are and why they matter in life.
  5. You have a clear understanding of what you are signing up for. 

System Requirements: 

  • None.            



Gaining a Yellow Belt means that you are capable of recognising your own emotions, and feeling and processing stored emotions in your centre.

  1. You can demonstrate the techniques SWEET and GCB and you use them every day.
  2. You understand the importance of emotions in life, and can correctly identify several of your own.
  3. You have an inner focus and a curiosity to explore your emotions and childhood.
  4. You recognise Joy and Fear motivators and actively practise responding from Love motivators in your life.
  5. You know the six TRIPs and why people use them, can see them in others, and you know your own dominant TRIPs. You are beginning to replace them with healthy behaviour.
  6. You understand what anger is and why it is harmful, and you know how to respond when it you are feeling anger.
  7. You are watching for intuitive clues in your life, you can make a Symptom Soup and use it to help you find things to work on.
  8. You can demonstrate getting into a reasonable Alpha State.
  9. You are beginning to talk to yourself in a healthy, kind, encouraging manner.
  10. You can intuitively identify, find, feel and effectively process stored childhood emotions.

System Requirements:

  • Your guts look like you have been doing SWEET regularly in the last month.



Gaining an Orange Belt means that you have cleared out most of the problems in your centre, have found a true sense of your Ka Ton, and are ready to start expressing that in the world with integrity.

  1. You understand the way the meta-process works, are aware of your own process and are actively following it. You are paying attention to life's intuitive messages.
  2. You have a strong sense of the Holy Child energy, you can hold it on purpose, and you have built it into the root of your system.
  3. You have built your First Mind Castle, with different areas and people, and are working with every day it to clear and develop your system.
  4. You know the basics of Sourcing, Shaping and Sensing and can demonstrate a beginning competence in all. You can scan reasonably and are applying this skill to yourself and your life.
  5. You can tell the difference between the surface and fundamental of things, and know how to apply this understanding.
  6. You are aware there are different I's inside, and can clearly identify the characteristics you have copied from your primary care givers and mask personality. You are starting to recognise these characteristics as not you.
  7. You have healthy parent figures inside, and are capable of working with young versions of yourself adequately.
  8. You have found a first glimpse of your Ka Ton inside, and are beginning to explore what it means to be that.
  9. You are aware of your own emotional age, and hold an average of at least 12.
  10. You are starting to take what you have learned and use it to reach out to others.

System Requirements:

  • A clear, functional inner Castle.
  • A healthy lower First Mind (A0, Root Centre, Joy Centre, Guts Input Nodes).
  • Mask personality (mostly) removed from power, able to touch Ka Ton.



As a Green Belt, you have a fair sense of who you are and are expressing that in the world on a daily basis. Your heart is online, and you are beginning to truly know love and compassion.

  1. Your heart is online. You can hold energy in there by yourself and you can hold it stably for an extended period of time. You can love.
  2. Your First Mind is healthy and stable and supporting the heart.
  3. Your are starting to approach your relationships with people from a 4th chakra perspective.
  4. You have a fair idea of Ka Ton, and are making it the centre of your life. You are starting to express who you really are in all areas of your life.
  5. You have chosen a Life Path Archetype to follow, and are able to solidly hold the energy of it in your guts. You understand what your A-primary LPA is all about, and you are actively working to build it stronger.
  6. You have chosen a Clan to be a part of, are reasonably competent in your chosen type of Meta-Intuitive gifts, and you know their strengths and weaknesses.
  7. You have found an Animal Totem that suits you and are working with it.
  8. You are able to sense ghosts and can send them onward competently.
  9. Your average emotional age is at least 14.
  10. You are actively helping and counselling the people around you. You are a competent meta-teacher.

System Requirements:

  • A mostly stable First Mind, and a well functioning Castle.
  • Able to hold A-primary LPA.
  • Energy running from root to heart.



At Blue Belt, you have a great sense of integrity that you communicate clearly, skillfully and without compromise. You make powerful decisions that shape your life and you hold to them.

  1. You have a clear sense of who you are, and you are holding that in power most of the time.  
  2. You are bigger than your inner pieces, and you can step into power on a moment's notice if needed.
  3. You love yourself. You are beginning to celebrate yourself, and have a healthy, positive self-talk.
  4. You have found your "fish", and have a real sense of passion and excitement about your life and your path.
  5. You are self-motivated. You have a set of daily disciplines that you practise, and you are dedicated to your own process.
  6. You can communicate who you are and what scans to you clearly, strongly and in a healthy manner.
  7. You can describe (and use) many different strategies to approach a single intuitive situation. You can scan which to use.
  8. You can and do, when appropriate, recall your own past lives and find relevant messages and lessons in them.
  9. Your average emotional age is at least 16.
  10. You are aware that you are bigger and more aware than most people around you, and are comfortable expressing that.

System Requirements:

  • A stable, strong heart
  • A reasonably developed Capital
  • Able to hold and respond from A-partner
  • Able to briefly hold B-primary



At Brown Belt, you are an adult, stable Meta-Intuitive who can work comfortably with both the First and Second Mind, and expresses their passion in their lives with drive, discipline and enthusiasm. You are nearly always in power.  

  1. You know who you are in your heart, and you live there. Your system is governed by your heart, which is now fully stable.
  2. You express who you are freely and easily, with a real sense of power in all areas of your life. In this, you see no distinction between the meta- and daily life, whether that be friends, relatives, or work.
  3. You are a good teacher and are actively reaching out to improve the lives and health of those around you.
  4. You are strong, reliable and responsible. You are true to your word and your decisions, you are there when you are needed, and you are stable. You have a clear eye for what needs done, and you instinctively reach out to do it.
  5. Once you have made a decision and are going for something, nothing and no one gets in your way.
  6. You are aware of the world's energies and move in harmony within them.
  7. You know what you want out of life, and you are beginning to specialise in an area of your interest within our program.
  8. You are becoming a specialist in your chosen gifts, and are starting to show great competence with them.
  9. Your average emotional age is at least 18.
  10. You have a huge drive to accomplish your goals. You are like a steamroller in your attitude towards the things you want out of your process. You work hard, you have high standards, and you don't quit until you've met them.

System Requirements:

  • Second Mind system mostly finished
  • Able to hold and respond from B-primary
  • Able to briefly hold B-partner



At Black Belt, you have mastered all of the basics. You know who you are, you know what you want, and you are doing it powerfully and skillfully. You have a drive, clarity and brightness that sets you apart from regular people. You are happy, healthy and free. You love deeply. You are not finished... but you can move forward on your own, and you can independently run an Elfpath school.

  1. You hold power and a sense of who you are all the time, even in painful or difficult times.
  2. You have a beginners mind, and are continuously learning to become even more.
  3. You have the ability to significantly help anyone you meet.
  4. You handle change gracefully and with excitement and encourage others to do so.
  5. You are an excellent teacher and can handle overseeing and being in charge of whole groups of people competently.
  6. You can handle influences from your childhood and past lives independently, quickly and effectively.
  7. You are monitoring your own system and your environment constantly and usually notice when something needs attention.
  8. You can demonstrate great competency in the Meta-Intuitive gifts you have chosen to focus on.
  9. Your emotional age is consistently at least over 20 years old.
  10. You have a sense of who you are between lifetimes and why you chose this life.

System Requirements:

  • First and Second Mind stable
  • Energy running up into Third Mind
  • Able to hold all A and B LPAs of your chosen track and use them effectively.



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