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 Ghosts Ghosts are dead people. Normal people, just like you and me, whose physical body has for some reason expired, and whose spirit has not y ...


Discipline by Rohaa, Jan 26, 2011   Most people have no idea how to be disciplined. If anything, it has become a "dirty" word, something unple ...

Category:How to Practise
Proto-emotions: Joy and Fear

Proto-emotions: Joy and Fear by Angel, Sept 14, 2010 The following is an attempt to make things more clear. It's simple. That said: Be suspicious of ...

Body Posture

Body Posture Have you ever watched how people sit? I mean, actually studied it? If you have the change, look at people in a meeting, or a lecture. ...

Category:For Everyone
Choosing Light Or Shadow

Heart Choice: Choosing Light Or Shadow by Angel, Jan 27, 2011   This may be one of the most important posts I've written. For white and yellow ...

The Three Minds

The Three Minds by Angel, Mar 08, 2011 A lot of really smart people have said things like:  "You are not your mind."  "You are more th ...

Doing and Being

Doing and Being In many, many spiritual practises, there is a dichotomy between doing and being. You will hear phrases like "Stop doing so much ...

Category:The End Result

On the night of Nov. 20, 2001, a conversation held over Instant Messenger changed our lives forever. Our 12-year-old son messaged me in my office from ...


Albatross Signs and Omens, Maturity   Albatross is a totem of patience, for all endeavors will take time to mature and become fruitful. I ...

Category:Animal Totems

Aardvark Instincts and Solitude Aardvark gives you the ability to trust in your instinct and "sniff out" what is right for you. Aardva ...

Category:Animal Totems

Family, Balance, GentlenessWillow Ptarmigan demonstrates the strength of family relationships and attachments to others. He shows how to balance mascu ...

Category:Animal Totems
Awesome Box

Awesome Box Sometimes, life gets messy. You have bad days, someone said a mean thing, and you're just not sure for a moment what the point of this wh ...

Category:For Everyone
Sitting Up Straight Inside

Sitting up straight inside has nothing to do with your physical body, and everything to do with your energy and attitude. You probably already know ju ...

Category:For Everyone
On Your Personal Path

On Your Personal Path by Angel, Aug 10 2009   Hello folks, Someone came to me tonight with some questions and I didn't so much give them answ ...

Re-acting is slavery

Re-Acting is slavery. Set Yourself Free. by Angel, Jan 17, 2011   Reaction is (at least) a four step process. Most go thru all four steps fro ...


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