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Speed and Flexibility Flexibility is essential for Cheetah people. It is necessary to have a flexible body and spirit for a healthy and fulfilled l ...

Category:Animal Totems

Cheerful and Truthful Expression Chickadee is associated with the thinking process, higher mind and higher perceptions. It is also associated with ...

Category:Animal Totems

Connections and Patience with Delays In France, Cicadas were given at weddings and house warmings for luck and peace. In China, the Cicada symboliz ...

Category:Animal Totems

Work and Play Chipmunk is a wonderful totem because it gives you permission to play. To balance work with periods of just having fun. It is a curio ...

Category:Animal Totems

Fertility and Balance Chickens are associated with fertility because of their ability to lay eggs. Chicken gives you the ability to bring your work ...

Category:Animal Totems
Clam, Mussel and Oyster

Clam and its cousins, Mussel and Oyster, teach many aspects of balancing the mind, body and spirit. There are times to go within for answers, to find ...

Category:Animal Totems
Cockatoo, Cockatiel, Parakeet

Communication Cockatoo (also Cockatiel and Parakeet) is a symbol of inquisitiveness, communication skills and unpredictability. When a cockatoo app ...

Category:Animal Totems

Contrary to what most people think about the Cockroach, it is a wonderful totem. The Cockroach teaches us how to use what we have available to us fo ...

Category:Animal Totems

Self-Reliance, Accomplishments When the cormorant is an individual's totem, the person will have a knack for accomplishing in unique ways what ...

Category:Animal Totems

Rising Above Limitations Related to Vulture, Condor also has the energy of rebirth, of life and death. Through Condor, you can dispose of what is d ...

Category:Animal Totems

Self-Reliance, Protection This totem is one of the most powerful and its gifts are many. Boar is the totem of prosperity and spiritual strength. It ...

Category:Animal Totems

Night and Hidden SecretsWhippoorwill's nocturnal nature teaches the art of night time movements and camouflage. The art of invisibility may be utilize ...

Category:Animal Totems

Silence and Secrets People with a Bobcat totem are often solitary like their totem animal. Coming to terms with that, learning to be alone without ...

Category:Animal Totems

Endurance and Awakening Abilities Bobolink is a member of the Blackbird family, so that bird needs to be studied as well. Bobolink awakens the mind ...

Category:Animal Totems

 Creation, Power of Song, Inner DepthsA Whale totem teaches you to go deep within yourself to awaken your inner creativity. But they also teach u ...

Category:Animal Totems

Prayer and Abundance Those who have a Buffalo totem must walk a sacred path, honoring every walk of life. You will achieve nothing without the aid ...

Category:Animal Totems

Productivity and Power A Bull totem gives you physical power, and the need to protect your family. A Bull person tends to be stubborn and when you ...

Category:Animal Totems

Change, joy and color It is the symbol of the soul. They remind us that life is a dance, not to take things quite so seriously. They also remind us ...

Category:Animal Totems

Weaver: Building your FoundationWeavers are noted for their complex and sturdy nests and this is the gift that they bring their totem people: the abil ...

Category:Animal Totems

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Category:Animal Totems

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