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Awareness, Grace, Agility. Gazelle can teach us awareness and skill, so that we can be at ease with our own vulnerability. The ability to discover ...

Category:Animal Totems

Overcoming Obstacles; Transformation Gecko shows how to be out-going with tact and how to cope and overcome obstacles, he will show how to let go o ...

Category:Animal Totems

 Ghosts Ghosts are dead people. Normal people, just like you and me, whose physical body has for some reason expired, and whose spirit has not y ...


Farsightednes People who have a Giraffe totem often know the future. They can sense what is going to happen, what lies over the horizon. Giraffe pe ...

Category:Animal Totems

Moving Forward, Balance, Work Ethic Goat gives you the gift of moving forward, one step at a time. Trust that you will be able to climb over any ob ...

Category:Animal Totems
God In All

God In All by Angel, 12/20/2013 There was a time, not so long ago, when the internet was not yet even a dream, except perhaps among the most insane ...

Goldfinch & Meadowlark

Awakening Nature Spirits Goldfinch is associated with the Archangel Auriel, who oversees nature. Meditating on Goldfinch will also open the realms ...

Category:Animal Totems

Communication, Imprinting Your Life Path A Goose totem reflects a stimulation of childhood thrills and the belief in stories and legends. The stori ...

Category:Animal Totems

Preparedness, Responsibility for One's Actions Gopher people need to look beneath the surface of things and people to see the truth hidden th ...

Category:Animal Totems

Strength, Nobility, Generosity A Gorilla totem is a confirmation that our endeavors are solid and steady. They remind us to stay grounded and handl ...

Category:Animal Totems

Overcoming Emotional Congestion The Grackle's iridescent coloring reflects a need to look at their life differently. Situations are not always ...

Category:Animal Totems

Uncanny Leaps Forward Jump! Those are the words that Grasshopper shouts out. Take a chance, trust your hunches and leap forward. Grasshopper does n ...

Category:Animal Totems

Spiritual Enlightenment The Griffon protects hidden treasures and gold mines. Griffon is the guardian to the path of spiritual enlightenment. It ha ...

Category:Animal Totems

Harmony, Forgiveness, Awakening Grosbeak teaches it is a time to heal wounds for mental and emotional harmony. Forgiveness and caring should be exe ...

Category:Animal Totems

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