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About Meta-Minutes

Meta-Minutes are an integral part of the Elfpath program. From Introduction Course on, Meta-Minutes should be done daily by all of our students following classes. (We also recommend it for students not following classes).

The idea of Meta-Minutes is loosely based on the ideas put forward in the book "Mind Chi" by Richard Isreal & Vanda North, and on their website www.mindchi.com. We have adapted their simple daily exercises to help our students grow their awareness and meta-skills in a way that is easy, effective and takes very little time. For our older students, Meta-Minutes also help to build and develop the energy system.  

Each exercise is exactly one minute long. A single minute allows you to focus intensely and to work fast, a skill that you will need many times in our program. Exercises come in sets of 3 minutes that focus on different areas. Use only the allotted time for each minute. Set a timer that beeps or talks, and when the time is up, move on to the next minute. Sometimes, one minute is not enough to do all of the exercise properly. Simply do the best you can on it, and trust yourself to get better with time. You will learn to do your inner work quickly and make every minute count, so that you can do it throughout your day even on busy days.

Meta-Minutes takes between 6 and 15 minutes depending on the level of the student.

  • The START set: always the same regardless of your level.
  • The BELT set: from White Belt on, as appropriate for your Belt Level.
  • The CASTLE set: from Basic Course on, updated every few weeks as the course progresses.
  • The CITY set: From Interm Course on, updated every few weeks as the course progresses.
  • The END set: always the same regardless of your level.

We recommend you use either a computer program or a smartphone app to do Meta-Minutes until we can offer you an effective way to do your Meta-Minutes through the Elfpath website. The "A HITT Interval Timer" from Android works very well, and if you get the premium version for $0.99, it will read your sets out loud to you so that you don't have to remember them or look at the screen.


[0. breathe] - Always start with this. Put your hand on your belly, thumb in the bellybutton, and breathe in and out deeply. This is an excellent moment to relax, let some tension go, and get yourself ready to work inside. For older students, this is also a great time to ground and source themselves and their surroundings.

[1. sweet] - Make a small ball of energy under your hand, right in the middle of your belly. Make it Soft, Warm, and Expand the Energy of it throughout your belly. If you run into any resistance, just make the ball softer and warmer. For older students, you can also add emotional or even physical SWEET here if you know how to.

[2. gratitude] - Find things in your life that you can really feel grateful for. Perhaps opportunities you have, ways in which you are incredibly lucky, things you've been given the last day, things that have happened and that have helped you. Think of things like "When I feel chaotic, I have practical tools to handle them. I don't have to spend days feeling crazy!" or just "I have someone to teach me!" or even "I'm alive!" The feeling you are going for with this is "Wow. I am really lucky. I have so much."

[3. celebrate] - Be in your guts and think of awesome things in your life. Things that are wonderful, that make you smile, that make you go yay and make you want to bounce up and down. You can use the things from the previous minute if you want, or you can find other things that you can celebrate. If you can't find anything that makes you quite that excited, find small things. You had icecream today! That sort. The feeling you are going for is "Yay! Heee! Great!"


[1. awareness] – Widen your focus and keep a light sense on all of your system – your physical, emotional, and mental body alike. Relax, and just notice all the things inside for minute. Notice the itchy toe and the thoughts of money and the tension in your forehead. Don't hold on to them or focus on them, just notice that they are there. Be gently aware of as many things in your system as you can.

[2. focus] – Close your eyes and imagine the number 1 in your mind. Focus all your attention on it, every little strand and side throught. Let this number 1 be the ONLY thing on your mind, no shopping lists, no itching toes. When you stray, count a finger on your left hand to keep score, and bring all of your focus back to the number 1. This is quite a difficult task, really useful for teaching you how to really focus your attention. You will need this skill.

[3. decide] – Go over the things you have decided on in your life. This can include things that you decided to finish, attitudes you decided to hold, or goals you decided to strive for. Say them in your mind strongly and clearly. Repeat them as often as you need to. For example, "I decided to be a Source" or "I decide to be happy". For older students, make sure your inner pieces are in line with your decision, too.


Belt Level Meta-Minutes, Version 2.1

White Belt

[1. feel] – Get in your guts and feel everything and anything that’s there. Just feel.  
[2. 10 positives] – Pick any object or situaion and find 10 positive things about them.
[3. ideal you] – Imagine who you would really like to be if you could choose anything. Imagine details, make it real.

Yellow Belt Prep

[1. emotions] – Find and try to label at least 3 different emotions in your guts. Also feel them.
[2. cartoons] – Go over your last 24 hours and find where you were responding from or to a Cartoon Emotion. Imagine how you could have responded instead. Make it real.
[1. health self talk] – Talk to yourself healthly and positively in your head. Be encouraging and kind.

Yellow Belt

[1. energy] – Bring up lots of energy from the Earth into your guts and let it grow big there.
[2. joy] – Find a fear in your guts, and transform it into an excitement, a joy.  
[3. child ] – Talk to a child part in your guts. Give them attention, reassurance and parenting. Help them if they need anything, play with them, teach them or hug them.

Orange Belt Prep

[1. around] – Pay close attention to your surroundings. Use all senses you have. Notice sounds, smells. Be aware.
[2. fundamentals] – For any object or situation, sense what it is like on the surface, and then go under the surface and sense what the fundamental of the thing is like.
[3. rules] – Go over your last 24 hours and find where you were automatically responding from a rule or habit. Scan what would have been the appropriate action instead.

Orange Belt 

[1. gift] – Intentionally work with the gift set you have chosen to focus on. Play, test things out, see how much you can do or how far you can get. No criticism, only explore.
[2. not you ] – Go over your last 24 hours and find where you were responding from anything that was not really you. Think of parent pieces, mask, picked up emotions, anything.  
[3. you] – Use the cases from the previous minute, and imagine what your best sense of self would have done instead. Make it real to yourself and decide to act from you next time.


Green Belt Prep

[1. heart] – Run energy from your root chakra, through your guts, into your heart and hold it there.  
[2. age ] – Sense your own emotional age. Intentionally shift it 5 years up and down from there,
back and forth. Notice what changes in you.
[3. integrity] – Describe your last 24 hours to yourself, and scan every word you say/think. Make certain that every word you use scans as deeply as you know how to.  

Green Belt

[1. love] – Pick one person in your life and love them as fully as you can.  
[2. share] – Find things about yourself that are amazing and that you can share, and actively imagine sharing them with others. Can be wisdom, information, love, words, things.  
[3. drive] – Find something in your life or in yourself that you care deeply about, that you are very passionate and driven about and that you would give anything for just to have in your life.  

Blue Belt Prep 

[1. addict] – Find places in your life where you are still addicted to something, and intentionally let it go. Can be a thing, an emotion, a behaviour, an attitude, an idea…  
[2. forgiveness] – Find someone in your life you still hold a grudge against, and practise forgiving them as fully as you can.
[3. plot ] – Imagine your own spiritual path and where you are on it, and find and remove any obstacles in your way.  

Blue Belt 

[1. totem] – Go to your primary totem animal and communicate with it. Ask it to teach you, if there is any message it has for you, and listen to them.
[2. marriage] – Find the male and female energies in your system, and bring them together. Have them interact, share, support each other. If there are any problems between them, fix them and make both more healthy.
[3. big] – Imagine someone making you small or childish, telling you what to do, or otherwise
taking your power. Don’t let them. Do what is appropriate to hold on to your power and be bigger.  

Brown Belt Prep 

[1. others] – Go over all the people depending on you, check up on them and make sure thay are doing alright. If you can help them, do so.
[2. action] – Go over your last 24 hours and find places where you reacted to others rather than acted from your own power, integrity and heart.  Imagine what you would do different.
[3. old] – Find the highest emotional age you can possibly reach and hold it. If there are things pulling you back, fix them.

From Brown Belt on, you can make your own Belt Level Minutes.



The Castle Sets were piloted during Summer 2011 with the help of several of our then-senior students, and over the last year have developed into a very useful, reliable and effective way of communicating with your own subconscious mind and making your 1st mind stable. We strongly recommend that all of our students from Becoming You Course onward do this set at least daily. 

Check with your teacher which Castle & City sets you should be doing, if any.

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