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Awesome Box

Awesome Box

Sometimes, life gets messy. You have bad days, someone said a mean thing, and you're just not sure for a moment what the point of this whole "life" thing was again. It looks like it's all kind of grey and blah.

And sometimes, life is beautiful and amazing and you don't even know what to do with yourself from pure excitement. You want to jump and dance and just really hug someone. Somebody was kind to you, completely unexpectedly. You woke up and the sun came through the window at just the right angle to make your room light up. Somebody kissed you. Your dog came to sit with you and licked your nose. You did that one thing that was so scary, and it turned out great.

Those are the things you want to remember. Those are the wonderful, brilliant things that make life worth it. And yet those are exactly the things you forget when you most need the reminder that yes, you do have all of this beauty in your life right now.

So make an Awesome Box! Every time something makes you smile, or laugh, or jump with joy, every time you're grateful for something beautiful or just really proud of yourself, write it down. Make a little note. Put it in the box. You can see your box fulling up with all the wonderful things in your life, and at the end of the year, you can go over all of them!

Build Your Own

Here's how to:

Get an old shoebox. A tissue box. Or a clean nutella jar, depending on how much awesome you are planning to have. If you want, decorate it, make it beautiful!

 Some ideas on what you can put in it:

  • Sunrise this morning was just the most beautiful!
  • I got kissed!
  • My sweater is just the most warm and cuddly and I love it!
  • I did it! Sang in public and had people smile at me! SOPROUD.
  • So grateful for good friends to watch movies with <3
  • This cute boy/girl across the street winked at me!
  • That beautiful little stone you found that is just so smooth.
  • That pretty feather you just had to pick up and don't want to throw out.

And anything else! It's your box, you put whatever makes you happy in there.

"But I can keep notes online!" It's not the same. Make an Awesome Box. There is something to writing it down, and holding your notes in your hands later. A big handful of notes reminding you of happy times, brave moments and lucky happenings is a lot more meaningful than a file with a long list in it.

If you know yourself a little, and you're one of those types who can never find a pen and paper, put some note cards with your Awesome Box from the start. Hey, you can even build a pen holder and post-it note stand into it.

And if you like... You can tell your friends about your Awesome Box, so that when you're not looking, they can add an anonymous note saying something awesome about you when they're around. Wouldn't it be wonderful to find these among your own notes when you open your Awesome Box?

Finally, Awesome Boxes can be great ideas to give someone else on their Birthday, or to make together at friends night.


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