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Sitting Up Straight Inside

Sitting up straight inside has nothing to do with your physical body, and everything to do with your energy and attitude. You probably already know just fine why it matters to sit up straight with your body - check our body posture article for the meta-intuitive reasons as well. But did you know, that you can also have a healthy posture on the inside?

It's very easy to do, and it has some awesome benefits that you don't want to miss out on.

  1. You feel more confident
  2. It's easier to sit up straight physically.
  3. You get more done.
  4. Your energy runs better and your meta-intuitive skills improve.
  5. You look more impressive to others.

How To

The biggest problem people tend to have with sitting up straight inside ... is that they never thought of it! Once you've got the notion, like you do now, that you can be sitting up straight physically while you are still slouching energetically, it's an easy fix.

Try It!

The best way to get the hang of Sitting Up Straight Inside, is to try it. Right now would be a good time! You're probably sitting. Without changing anything, ask yourself, how are you sitting physically?

Wait, no, don't change it. Just check. Go see where your arms and legs are and what your back is doing. Are you sitting up reasonably straight, or are you sitting more like in the picture to the left?

Now imagine that there's a you sitting inside your body, and check their body posture too - again without changing anything. Are they the same? Likely! When you are holding an energy of blaaah inside, you look tend to look blaah outside.

Now, without changing your physical body ... take that inner you and make that one sit up straight. If it helps, you can put your thumb in your belly button, put the rest of your hand flat under it, and centre in your belly under your the palm of your hand. This is where the inside you lives. Imagine - just imagine - for the inside you to sit up straight. Don't worry about finding arms and legs on your inside self, it's the energy that matters. Do the same thing you'd do when you sit up straight normally, just inside. What happens?

If you want to play with this some more, intentionally slouch as badly as you can. Slouch inside, too. Then sit up straight inside without moving your physical body. Difficult? Try the other way around. Sit up straight physically, and sit up straight inside too. Then without moving your body, really really slouch inside. Is it still easy to sit up straight physically? What happens to your body if you don't pay attention for a little while? Go back and forth a few times, to get the hang of it and notice what it does for you.


 Sitting Up Straight vs. Sitting Up Straight Inside

You will find that your energy body, your insides, and your physical body are all linked. It is very difficult to physically slouch and look sloppy when you are sitting up straight inside. As soon as you get in your guts and just imagine really sitting up straight in there, you will find your physical body almost automatically wants to change to reflect it.

Have a look at the pictures above. They are both sitting up straight on the outside, as they are both illustrations of how-to-do-it-right. The first one is sitting up straight inside as well, and has a sense of focus about her. The second one looks textbook on the outside, but is slouching badly inside, and feels very passive or weak. Study both pictures a little - which one do you think is more likely to catch a mistake? Which would be more passionate in a relationship? Who would you give a job to, or team up with if you wanted a job done right?


The Benefit

How does sitting up straight inside help you? Other than that you are now probably feeling better and stronger, consider the following things.

Most of the time when you have to sit up straight (because it's healthy, because you're at a meeting, etc), it doesn't feel right. It's often a constant effort to push your body in the right position. The reason it doesn't feel right, is because it doesnt match the energy you are holding inside, and so you're fighting with yourself. Usually your inside wins, and as soon as you stop forcing yourself to sit up straight, your shoulders will slump back down and you "get comfy". When you sit up straight inside, however, your body wants to match it, and it suddenly doesn't feel forced or awkward anymore to sit up straight physically.

When you sit up straight inside, your emotions will change to match it, and you will start to feel stronger, and be more active. You don't easily lose hours zonking out behind a computer watching funny pictures when you sit up straight inside.

It's easier to pay attention, and because your physical body is where it needs to be, energy flows through your system more, and you'll feel less tired and droopy. Which in turn makes it easier to sit up straight inside, and outside. It's a self-enforcing method!

Finally, other people perceive more about you than just the way you look outside. Whether they are trained Meta-Intuitives or not, people tend to notice the energy you hold, whether you are strong or weak, dominant or more submissive, present or bored. When you sit up straight inside, people will subconsciously notice you being stronger, more confident, more aware.


So rather than forcing your body to sit up straight, instead now and then when you are sitting down (it works standing up too!), centre in your guts and intentionally site up straight inside. Let your body adjust to that however feels natural. When you feel like you're starting to lose focus, get tired, zonk out, feel droopy, check and correct how you are sitting inside. It makes your whole day go better.

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