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Science Is A Religion

Science Is A Religion

by Angel, Jan 18, 2011

In the sleeping worlds, sprituality is sacrificed to icons of mindless rigidity -- called "beliefs" -- on the altars of religion. The thing that is left is a carcass, a once beautiful shell with the life gone from it. An ancient corpse of a bride in tattered, yellowed wedding finery.

Science, too, suffers in the sleeping worlds. What was a joyous exploration of the physical ... devolves. The dance of discovery becomes a tedious, horrifically constrained trudge through mounds of sterile "facts," disconnected from anything of value or substance. Aggressive circumscription of acceptable topics necessarily occurs. Those who explore, or even discuss, the many forbidden areas are driven from the scientific community. Science too becomes a corpse, the dessicated remains of a joyous child no longer able to embody its intensely life-affirming upwelling of curiousity.

And the two become one...

Relgion, without spirituality, begins to look and smell a lot like science. The passion is rare and to anyone not caught in religion's net, is clearly artificial. The mysteries become lists of lifeless facts in text books to be memorized but not mastered. Interpretion is forbidden and submission of the student's will to "right" answers becomes requisite.

Science returns the favor. Holy books, unquestionable beliefs, patron saints, a powerful priesthood... The only thing separating such "science" from religion is the adamant protestations of the participants against such "primitive ideas." And obviously, in their rigid rejection of unacceptable ideas, the two become ever more akin.


Someone once said that all cats are grey in the dark. Maybe it's not that science and religion, the meta-archetypal explorations arising in the the head and the gut, respectively, approach one another. It could just be that with so much life leeched from the sleeping worlds, everything begins to approach the grey cinder block rigidity of impotent fascist mundanity.

 ++ Angel

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