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Re-acting is slavery

Re-Acting is slavery. Set Yourself Free.

by Angel, Jan 17, 2011


Reaction is (at least) a four step process.

Most go thru all four steps from noticing something to acting upon it almost instantly.

It's possible to realize these four steps as separate. Having done so, you can work your way back. The steps go like this:

  1. Perceive. There are many ways to perceive a thing. SCANning is an obvious one. Empathy, reading an aura, or sensing an energy are other examples. To perceive just means to notice. A very simple example is reading a text message a friend sent you saying they are angry, and why. "He just dumped me. I hate him!"
  2. Experience. The next step is to experience the thing on your own. In our example, after reading the note, you might start to get angry. "How can he do this to you? I hate him too."
  3. Be possessed / owned. If you hold on to that anger, you will start to get tense, your blood pressure will rise, your body will move into a primitive fight-or-flight state...and the anger will increase. Soon, it becomes the biggest feeling inside you. It keeps growing until it controls you.
  4. React / Externalize. The anger gets so big that you act on it. You slam a door, yell at someone, kick your pet, send a cruel message to the guy who dumped your friend... The anger that controls you causes you to react in some destructive way. You radiate that anger out into the world.

Moving Backwards

Again, most people move from step 1 to step 4 so fast they don't think about it. They don't even realize it. They are slaves to their experience. Having realized that there are steps, you don't have to be a slave. You can begin to work backwards thru the steps.

4=>3 You are angry! But you can bite your tongue and not say anything. Close the door gently. Don't insult your spouse, lover, or a stranger. Don't kick your pet. Realize that your a slave of this thing, and refuse to do what it tells you.

3=>2 Use the tools you have to reassert control. Make a decision to power, ground-center-breathe, and so on. Soon enough, you'll begin to notice you are in control again. You are still just as angry, but it's more as if you are watching/feeling the anger race thru you rather than being tossed head-over-heels in its current.

2=>1 Begin to notice that the anger is there, and realize that you don't HAVE TO keep it. You notice it, you feel it, you ground it. With practice you can move back to simply percieving without internalizing. If this idea seems complicated it's not. It's the difference between smelling sour milk and drinking a big glass of it.

Next time you find yourself about to yell at someone, to cry, to whine, ... anything, stop. Ask yourself if it really SCANs to do so. If not, then you are probably re-acting rather than acting in power. You are something's slave. Remember these four steps and begin to work backward.

Be owned without acting
Experience without being owned
Perceive without experiencing

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