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The Three Minds

The Three Minds

by Angel, Mar 08, 2011

A lot of really smart people have said things like:

  •  "You are not your mind."
  •  "You are more than your thoughts."
  •  "The conscious mind is just a faithful servant."

Some of them talk about being "the observer" and sitting back and watching the "monkey mind" dance and play silly games. They say you can separate yourself from your conscious mind and just watch it, study it.

Instead most people take a look at the conscious mind and say "I am that." And then they deny that they ever were more, or even that there can be more. "After this life you die, you rot, that's it. End of story."

If you've looked, you've no doubt remembered other lives and other times. You have remembered some of the space between lives. You can maybe tap into wisdom that's far beyond what your mind knows. You know that this life and this mind are not all there is. But then why do so many smart people believe that it is?

Some Ideas

  • IDEA: You existed before you came to live in this world, in that body. Part of you is much, much older and has lived many times and in many ways. You are very, very old. You’ve experienced much. And in many ways you are already deeply wise. Whoever you are.


  • IDEA: You come to wear a body, a life, for a time. Why? That's for philosophers, religious people, and scary book writers to talk about. You'll remember the why of it when you get back there, wherever there is. For now, just realize that you've done it before.


  • IDEA: Why not remember your other lives when you come here? Well, have you ever watched a really good movie? One that got you totally caught up in the plot, sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering what's going to happen next? Imagine right when the exciting parts are going on, a friend says, "He's not in danger. He lives in a big house in Hawaii. It's just a movie. He's made lots of them. Hey remember when he played Santa Claus? Jesus? Hitler? Gandhi? He was a good Santa Claus but not so great at Gandhi..." Once you start remembering all those other things, it's hard to get caught up in the movie. You're seeing the same face in so many different roles. Imagine if you remembered 100 different lives, or 1000, before you had your first kiss? The first time you fell in love. The first time someone broke your heart? ... Those amazing memories wouldn't be amazing anymore.


  • IDEA: With the memories and wisdom of thousands, or maybe millions, of lives and oh so many memories... you can't get it all into a little baby's brain. It wouldn't fit. Imagine you had the world's largest library. You wouldn't take it all and try to fit it in your tent when you go camping. You wouldn't shove it all into your wetsuit when you SCUBA dive. In the same way you don't take all your memories when you come to spend a brief few decades pretending to be human.


  • IDEA: So what do you take? Well, if you came to this one with friends, you'd probably take some way to recognize them when you met them. If there’s something you really want to do, you’d probably take some sort of deep drives to point you in the right direction. You might take some basic personality traits to point you in the right direction. But you don’t take it all. You start with as little as possible, so the figuring it out can be as much fun as possible. Think of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider movies. She has that huge house and all that stuff... But when she goes to discover something she doesn't take it all with her? She takes the bare minimum. And she just calls back to her boys when she needs something. Maybe a little information. Maybe a giant submarine. And they help her out. It's like that in this life. You bring a little tiny bit of you and you can call back and remember or "download" more of you when you're ready.


  • IDEA: Why remember? Why not just live a life here and forget all that other stuff? Well, that would be ok. But what if you came to meet a special person and play your life with them? If you don't remember at least that, you'll never hook up. Imagine going to Paris to meet a friend, but forgetting all about them and staying in your hotel room? What if you came for a purpose. Imagine you love to surf and you go to Oahu or Bimini to catch some amazing waves, but then spend your entire vacation sitting by the pool? If you took all the time to set up a life here, to make plans with others, wouldn't you want to remember those plans?

How Does It Work

  1. You start out with just a body. It's a tiny, weak, wrinkled thing, not much good for anything. Early enough you just have that -- a physical body.
  2. First Mind. Once you've decided that you're going to live, you wake up the next piece -- the emotions. And deep in the guts, the emotional part, you begin to put ideas together. This feels good. That hurts. I want... I'm afraid... In this way, you develop your first mind. It can't solve calculus problem, say, but it's enough to get you started. It bootstraps a much larger consciousness into the physical.
  3. The emotions can be a bit wild and out of control sometimes. That's ok for a three month old, or even a scared three year old. However, if your emotions were out of control all the time at age 33, say, you'd probably be locked up and medicated. So you develop a bunch of rules about how to behave. You learn to fit into a society.
  4. Second Mind. Somewhere along the lines, you discover what it means to truly, deeply love. Your heart begins to wake up. "The heart has a mind of its own." "The heart wants what the heart wants." "Only with the heart can one see clearly. What's true is hidden from the eyes." Many people have talked about this part. Read Paolo Coehlo’s The Alchemist for a beautiful exploration of the heart. With the heart, you have a whole new way to look at the world, to process and interpret, to feel and respond. This is the second mind. This is the real center of you in this lifetime.
  5. At step 3, you learned to follow grown-up's rules and to fit in. Once the heart is online, that changes. When you love deeply enough, you can't follow somebody else's rules. The heart trumps those things. So you begin to question everything, and to think for yourself.
  6. Third Mind. This can be thought of as the conscious mind, though it's much more than that. This one can solve calculus problems or crossword puzzles. It can understand a complicated movie plot. It can find its way thru a difficult situation. When this mind is awake it can do some amazing things. This is the third mind. It can't feel however, or deeply care, or want or hope, ... That's the first mind. It can't love or process with the deep wisdom that is so simple and so natural to love. That's the second mind.
  7. It can reach up to something more than itself. That's the next step: to reach up to something higher. To begin to remember, consciously, the spirit, the bigger you, the real you.

If you're paying attention, you'll see these seven steps are the chakra system. The three minds and the four ways of reaching out, interacting.

Reconnecting With The Larger You

The baby, newly born with its tiny brain and limited understanding, it can't hold the huge, massive ancient you any more than a small tent could hold all the books in the largest libraries of New York, Paris, Rome, ... It only has the very minimum you need to get started. Its like a computer booting up. It holds the bootstrap process.

Where does all that information go when you take a body? It doesn't go anywhere. You, the real you, the larger you, ... You are still out there somewhere. The "this lifetime you" is just a tiny finger puppet you're playing with. None of the three minds is truly you. They are just how you play this game. They are you're user interface to this world.

But you know, before you come here, that you will want to someday remember more of it. Simple lives with no awareness or memory of the larger you are fine... but they get boring sometimes. Sometimes you want more. You want to get out and meet the ones you came with, to surf, to see the pyramids, to explore Paris. How does that larger you get more of you into this lifetime?

The Two Buffers

When you come here, you store a whole lot of information and resources you think might be useful, in the hopes that you'll remember to look for them, find them and integrate them. You store those in two buffer zones. The first, the "lower buffer" is deep "underneath". It's in what you might call the shamanic realm or the dream space. The second, the "upper buffer" is "above you" in what some call the "higher self."

The first mind begins to remember that it's more. In dreams and stories and flashes, it begins to tap into the larger you. It reaches down into the dream space and begins to remember things from other worlds and other lives. Some of those things were painful or disturbing. They might show up as nightmares, phobias, or serious health problems. Some are wonderful. They surface as fantasies and as "good dreams." It pulls these from the lower buffer.

When you get far enough along to have the third mind awake and working, it can reach up into the upper buffer and pull down information, memories, ideas.

The first mind reaches deep down into the lower buffer. The third mind reaches up high into the upper buffer. In either way, you can begin to reconnect the larger you to who you are in this lifetime.


All three minds eventually die, when the body dies. They quit functioning. They lay down. They rot. And they are gone. It is for this reason that scientists feel they will die and rot and leave nothing behind. They think the simple minds of this world are really them.

The Holy Trinity

Many religions have had a holy trinity. There are three main gods (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva) or three parts of the one god (Father, Son, and Spirit). Many mythologies speak of the three sisters, the fates, the Norns. The child, the mother, and the old wise woman show up repeatedly in mythology. The three sisters, either fighting or working together to be something more show up in modern fiction (the Charmed series). The three who are one, or parts of the same one, are so frequently seen in human stories that we may overlook them. All of these trinities are subconscious attempts to remind humans of their own three minds.

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