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On Your Personal Path

On Your Personal Path

by Angel, Aug 10 2009


Hello folks,

Someone came to me tonight with some questions and I didn't so much give them answers as I did encourage them to pay more attention to the process... With that idea in mind, here are some thoughts:

Ocean Waves:

I've spent a lot of time in the water. In the Atlantic and the Gulf off Florida. In the mediterranean and the Black Sea in Europe. in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba in Egypt, in the Pacific off California, Costa Rica and Hawaii... and so on. There is one piece I have found pretty consistently. The water often has waves. Sometimes those waves are tiny, sometimes terrifying.

I've stood in the waves and watched them come in. I was tossed around a bit, but not too badly. Sometimes I even had a lot of fun. I've stood in the same place and turned to face the shore, and once or twice been knocked down and had my face ground into the sand by a particularly large wave. I almost broke my neck that way once in Italy. There was a big storm off the coast and some of the waves were larger than usual. I was in pain for some time after that... Anyone who has spent time in the water or even watched movies of it can imagine what I speak of.

Life as Ocean:

Life's a bit like that. Sometimes it is smooth and gentle, warm and kind. Sometimes it's cold and terrifying in its intensity. Because the world is going thru a major Shift now, none of us is safely up on land. We are standing, all of us, in the approaching waves.

As I understand the situation, we have two choices. We can turn to the vast empty water and study it. We can grow familiar with it and learn techniques to handle it. And when a particularly difficult time comes, we will likely see it coming and make it thru with some struggle, but not too much damage.

Or we can turn and face the nice safe illusions of the shore. We can pretend our lives are as they always were. We can look at the safe, crowded beach and ignore what's happening. If something big comes our way, tho, it's likely to hurt.

The Old Ones:

A lot of prophecies talk about this amazing time and all that is happening. Many of them tell of a group of ancient wise ones who will come back and take human bodies in this time. They will help to guide the world thru this Shift, minimizing casualties and smoothing the path. Some of you reading this may be among that group.

I am. There are a number of us waking up around the world. In the coming decades you will see many of us stepping up as advisors and leaders, having a much larger direct impact on the world. In the past, we have mostly worked behind the scenes.

As one of these Old Ones, I hold the long view. I have a fairly clear idea where this world will be in 300 years. We are almost certain how the next shift will go, 1100 and a bit years from now. The outcome is fairly certain. We work to guide it there as gently as possible.

With that long view in mind, I find that I really don't care if each of you continue in this process or walk away. People all over this world are waking up and looking for paths back to their own Self. If you make it, you can be a part of shifting things, making it easier for others. If you choose to stare at the beach, you'll be less help. There are 10s of millions of others stepping up to the same task, tho. So the world will not fail in its course should you walk away.

So you see, I have no emotional stake in your process. In the large picture it's not so important what you choose.

Your Process:

However, in terms of Your process, what you decide makes a huge difference.

You'll find that learning to pay attention is difficult. It's often painful. It's hard work. You will need to face truths about your Self and about others that you don't want to know. You will find that you have lied to your Self about many things in your life and that you cannot continue this path and maintain the lies. It takes a lot of integrity, discipline, focus, attention, commitment to get back to your Self.

So why bother?

  1. Safety: With all the chaos out there, you're going to get knocked around a lot by the waves of change, if you're not paying attention to the process. If you do learn to pay attention, it gets easier and safer.
  2. Self: Why are you here, except to learn about your Self and to grow into that? Attention, awareness, integrity.... these are necessary to come back to your Self.
  3. Others: Once you start really being aware, you'll find that you are able to help so many others, in ways you never imagined. None of us really wants to be alone all the time. We *like* other people. We like getting to know them. And for those we care about, we enjoy helping them out. Once we start to wake up, we can do so much more for others. Doing so can be an amazing pleasure.
  4. Purpose: You're here for a reason. The only way to discover that reason and begin to live it is to really get to know (and Love and like) your Self.
  5. Fun: Knowing the music and learning how to dance to it, or play your own instrument and add to it can be some of the most fun you'll ever have. Knowing your Self is the only way I know to get there.

Your Path and Your Choice:

If you commit yourself and work hard to discover your true Self and your purpose, it can be amazing. You do not have to, however. This is your path and it is your choice. It is said that "Many are called but few are chosen." The reason for that is simple. Only YOU can do the choosing. Only YOU can choose you. Should you choose, you'll find that it's a choice you don't get to make once and be done with. You need to make it every day, maybe many times in a day.

The rewards of doing so can be amazing. The cost of ignoring your Path can be great. And only you can decide what you choose.

Others can give you exercises and encouragement, but only YOU can choose to do the exercises, to pay attention, to face what you discover about your Self and others, even when it's not pleasant. Only YOU can make that choice.

Choose Wisely,

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