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Reincarnation: evidence in science and religion

Angel said:

There was a time when I said reincarnation was 'impossible.' I was young and much more foolish. Anything's possible.

But is it likely? Is it real? In fact, there is so much evidence out there that it's astoundingly narrow-minded to still say something like "I'm a scientist. I don't accept that possibility."

I remained a skeptic until I experienced it. In Brasil, I met a beautiful woman and within moments we knew each other so deeply. I spontaneously remembered past lives with her and saw possible futures... It was amazing, transformative. I knew such a deep and powerful love almost instantly. It convinced my heart this is possible.

Then I just needed to convince my mind. So I started doing research. It seems to me that if reincarnation is real, there ought to be respectable people talking about it. Now if some crazy woman who only wears purple and calls herself Ishtara offers evidence of reincarnation, I'll probably listen. But are there established researchers who are risking their careers to publish this stuff? If so, them I'll really like to hear.


Dr. Brian Weiss.

Dr. Wambach:

 Is reincarnation a beautiful fantasy or reality? After hypnosis, many people claim that they can recall prior lives and seem to be able to describe them in great detail.... Can this be proven scientifically? .... Dr. Helen Wambach, a psychologist, maintained a questioning attitude with respect to her study on reincarnation. ...the late Dr. Wambach wanted to "debunk" reincarnation.

Dr. Wambach's book is valuable because she is so far the only investigator who completed a statistical analysis to test the hypothesis of reincarnation with a large data sample.

Other links:

search for "evidence reincarnation"


Buddhists, Hindus, and others, in fact the majority of religious people in the world believe reincarnation is true.

All early christians accepted reincarnation as fact. Jesus is said to have been an essene. Reincarnation was an accepted fact for the essenes. In the new testament, Jesus affirmed to his disciples that John the Baptist was indeed the reincarnation of the prophet Elijah. The first great Father of the early orthodox Church was Origen (A.D. 185-254). Origen was an ardent defender of pre-existence and reincarnation. Church condemnation of reincarnation was started half a millenium after Jesus, by the roman catholic church in 553 A.D. Evidence for Reincarnation in the Bible:

Nearly every great mystic or teacher thru the ages speaks of it as a given. I offer this as a brief summary, having studied the works of hundreds of great teachers, in depth, in the last 30 years. Do the same amount of research and you can accept or dismiss this idea as you will.


++ Angel

Oct 31, 2009

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