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Core Decisions

Core Decisions

There are some basic, fundamental decisions that everybody on a spiritual path will eventually have to take in order to make progress. They are not difficult - in fact, they are very very simple. So simple that they are often overlooked.

Core decisions are big decisions that set the direction for your life and help you to know what smaller decisions you should make on a day to day basis. We define a few core decisions in order of importance, both for beginners and for Orange Belt and up students.

For each of the core decisions, you can follow a Decision Process and follow the steps that go with it. Just because some of the core decisions are simple and may seem very obvious, don't assume that you've got them covered. As we teach more fully in our Becoming You series of courses, people make many decisions and rules over the course of their lives, often when they are feeling emotionally out of control. Those aren't usually very helpful to you. Think of decisions like "I don't want to live anymore!" or "I'm done caring about people!" that you may have made as an upset teenager. Sometimes, even if you think you've moved past that, decisions like that can stick somewhere inside and still affect you - especially if you have made them with a lot of focus, or when there was a lot of emotion behind it.

As you go through your process, there is a need to solidly make the core decisions that will set the course for a healthy, powerful life, and in doing so, undo any conflicting decisions you may have made at any point in your life.

 For Beginners

  1. I decide to live. Fully, to immerse myself into my life and to be present in it, to richly experience what life is offering me and to go get experiences that I want. Rather than live by default, waiting for it to be over, I decide to really be alive and live to the fullest.
  2. I decide to be my Self. Not who somebody else wants me to be, not who I was brought up to be, not a product of my parents or society. Myself. To my best understanding of who I really am at any given moment.
  3. I decide to live from the light. From an attitude and energy of joy, rather than fear. I strive to be more and more open, rather than closed off, and to approach everything and everyone in my life with excitement, compassion, warmth and celebration.

In short, the first three decisions come down to: "I decide to live my own life from joy."

They can (and probably should) be made by anyone trying to live happier and healthier, just by following the decision process for them. While they may appear very simple, these three core decisions will completely change your life if you can successfully make them and hold them.


For Orange Belts and up

  1. LPA. I decide to hold the energy of my chosen Life Path Archetype and express it in the world. The core motivation of my LPA will influence where I go in my life. I want to grow to encompass all the traits that go with my LPA, and become strong and competent at them. Eventually, I want to grow into the natural B- and C- level progression of my LPA.
  2. Clan. I decide to approach life with the tools and attitudes of the Clan I've  chosen. The basic actions of my Clan will influence how I go through my life and how I handle situations. I am going to practise Clan methods and address my problems in a Clan appropriate way, because I am excited about getting good at them.
  3. Element. I decide to work with my chosen element from the Circle of Truths in addition to my Clan, because I choose to spend my life in the circle of my choice. I want to learn its lessons and really encompass its outlook on life and its approach to interacting with the world.

All of these three decisions and the theories that go with them were developed as part of the Elfpath methodology.

They do not define who you are.

Instead, they simply help you to grow into the energies, attitudes and skills that you want very effectively. This way, your self can grow and develop and express more and more clearly and powerfully.

LPA and Clan are usually chosen at Orange Belt, when you start to get a solid enough understanding of Ka Ton that you know what type of path you want to walk for the rest of your life, and how you want to go about the journey. Element is added at Blue Belt, when you are beginning to specialise in a circle of truth of your choice. Exactly how to go about practising these decisions and making them real in your life, is covered in the Becoming You series of courses.


For Brown Belts and up

In addition to these six core decisions that go for everyone, meta-intuitive students from approximately Brown Belt onward will make big decisions of their own choosing, to specialise even further and to move their life in a direction that truly allows them to work up to their full potential. For example, someone might choose to dedicate their life to a goal, something that makes them really excited, an attitude or skill they really want or a cause they want to dedicate themselves to.

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