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General Question

Handling money

posted in Making life work
Monday, July 08 2013, 03:53 PM

What's a good way to deal with money? I like buying good food, and when I see something I genuinely want I often immediately pounce on it and buy it without much concern for how much it costs. I'm (more or less succesfully) cutting down on buying things I don't really want or need, but when it's something that I do want and it scans... it's often still expensive.

How do you balance "letting yourself have the stuff you want" and "not buying all of it so you have money to live"?

Accepted Answer

Wednesday, July 10 2013, 03:34 PM - #permalink

Money is difficult for a lot of intuitives. We tend to have the feeling that we should be able to live without money, with all the things we need to be comfortable and happy provided for us for free, and giving freely to others who want things that we can easily give them. Then when we find out that this world doesn't work that way (yet), we run into trouble. Either spend too much, or too little, or lock up entirely and refuse to deal with the whole thing.It doesn't help. As long as you're a part of this world, you get to live within it, and deal with the way it works while you (and we) work on changing it to something better.

Yes, definitely buy yourself things that you like. Teach yourself that it is ok to be happy and healthy and have nice things. Also teach yourself that you can have more of that if you get a little more price conscious. Sure, maybe you want those 5 tubs of E4 blueberries. But for half that money, you can have a big box of strawberries too, and some frozen yoghurt. Start watching the deals, go to some different supermarkets, lean to stock up when it's cheap and not buy when it's expensive. A way to make that make sense to yourself is, sure, you like say blueberries. You also like a roof over your head and clothes on your back and dinner tonight, and maybe transportation. You like to be able to pay for classes. Do you like blueberries more than that? What else could you do with half that money to make yourself happy?

It's sometimes tough to scan it, because your "Scan" can very easily get biased by child pieces that are very excited about "I want I want I want". There is also there part where you get to check if it is you who wants it... or someone else who happens to be standing next to you.

I'd also say, get away from the zero line. It makes you more and more nervous about money. Start always saving up, set your "zero line" at something a lot higher and always be saving a little of what you have. So that when you need it, or when there is this amazing opportunity... you can take it. Gives you more freedom and less nervousness.

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