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General Question

Hairy Men and Hairy Women

posted in Physical Health
Saturday, January 25 2014, 07:27 PM
I noticed in Society that it's perfectly okay for Men to be hairy, but it doesn't seem to be okay for Women to be hairy. I'm pretty sure it's not because of a sanitary thing because otherwise they would make men shave too (but they make men wear beard masks for work at restaurants, which I get cause hair can fall into foods). And sometimes men have to shave for certain jobs they take on. But if the men are not doing those kind of jobs, it seems perfectly okay and normal for them to be hairy, but if a woman were to be hairy people would look down on her because it's not normal.

I also get that hair can be annoying for some peoples, so they prefer to shave it off. And I get that a trim or a cut can be healthy sometimes. But I been wondering what is elfpath's take on it? :) Is it a rule that women seemed to have stored in their systems, and a useful rule to break? Or is it really healthier emotionally and physically to shave for both sexes?

Accepted Answer

Sunday, February 02 2014, 12:56 AM - #permalink
Alright well first question - You're a woman. If you don't shave for weeks, do you hold in a bunch of guilt and shame and needing to hide yourself and your body because 'oh no, there's hair?' I know I've hit this a lot, personally, but I've never taken the time to ask others if they had felt the same :).

Now, on the other hand, growing up through middle and high school, I knew a handful of girls and women who purposefully refused to shave and do all the usual things that a lot of women today [and men] do. And they did this on purpose. They had decided at some point, if they did it it would be a result of falling into those rules and they didn't want to. It was kind of the extreme opposite to women who absolutely HAVE to shave all the things all the time and show no evidence that their bodies grow things.

Taking a minute to scan it - yes, there are rules about it. A lot of self-image stuff.

But try a thing. Imagine meeting a woman on the street who doesn't shave her legs ever but wears shorts. Who doesn't shave her arm-pitts but wears tank tops. And then talks about it freely. What do you FEEL? That'll probably tell you a lot more about the rule-set and emotions involved :).
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