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Black Snakes Theme...

Wednesday, July 31 2013, 07:37 PM
Ever since I was a little girl, I had this black cobra/snake in my dreams. Often times it was attacking me. Recently there has been a lot of snakes in my life. In my yard, at my work, in my dreams. Yesterday, I was working at the Reiki clinic and I saw very clearly the black snake again, all curled up and slithering around and twisted. The images of the snake both scare and interest me.

I know that Totem wise, the snake is transformation, primal, and healing energies. But it feels like I'm still missing something about it. It feels important and powerful. I have been trying to work with it a little but it still is hanging around, but of late it seems to be pushing more and more for attention.

Am I missing something about this snake? If so what? Is is something that is helpful or hindering? I have a feeling its helpful, I just can't seem to pin point what, in what way.

Thanks for you time!
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    Thursday, September 12 2013, 04:15 PM - #permalink
    In my childhood, I frequently had dreams of dinosaurs. More specifically, of the tyrannosaurus from "Jurassic Park". It would pound around outside my window, sometimes peak in, and otherwise terrify me. When I was 5-ish, this changed to great white sharks, specifically Jaws... notice the pattern? Big, powerful, strong... and, for who I am, out of power; hurting, scaring, being a bully. Something I noticed recently, is that the dreams weren't a vision sent by a messenger all the time, or even a totem trying to talk to me. The shark, and the T-Rex, both masks covering the same emotional inner piece. I have a fear of being big, of being strong, and of being powerful. This fear isn't me, I realize, but it is there and does need attention. I feel that this is similar in you. The snake, the healer that is both primal and wise, probably scares you because you see something of it in yourself, something powerful. Part of that might be because snakes are scary and blah-blah, but I feel that a lot of what scares both of us is the potential these pieces have. Something beautiful, strong, twisted to make us afraid of it. As of right now, I'm not sure how to fix this thing, not entirely. I feel that we can start by recognizing that these pieces are beautiful, though.
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