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Intuitive Help and Advice

When you are looking for answers in your life, it can be tough to look out of your own home-made box and perceive clearly what is going on, why you are running into problems, and how to get out of them.

In cases like that, it can be helpful to ask someone else.

When that someone else is a highly trained intuitive, equipped not just with natural gifts, but also with a lot of experience in making people's lives work for them, they suddenly become a really valuable resource to you. A skilled intuitive can give you perspective in just a few minutes that it would otherwise take you years to realise. On a personal level, they can show you patterns in your life that you've totally missed, or tell you if this one relationship is going to work out, or what type of study or work you would enjoy most.

There is a lot of information available to intuitives that other people simply have no way to access. We want to share this information with those who don't know (yet) how to get it for themselves, or who want an outside perpective on their situation.


We offer different types of intuitive readings as a service serparate to our courses.


Note: Enrolled Elfpath students get free intuitive scans, readings and advice on a weekly basis as part of their course work. They can also become eligible for advanced level training to make them skilled, trained intuitives in their own right.