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You're curious. What we're telling you so far sounds pretty good... You're wondering if this is something for you. If maybe, it would help with that one problem in your life you just can't seem to get rid of on your own. If maybe, we're right and you can be something more than you are now. If all of this is real - can you have magic in your life? 

We're giving you a chance to check it out, no strings, no obligations, no sneaky data gathering - for free. Right here, on our website, through our FREE Demo Class chatroom and our e-learning environment.

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SWEET stands for Soft, Warm, Expanding Energy Technique.

Developed by Elfpath and used with great success by our long term students, SWEET sits at the basis of our program, and provides a wonderful introduction to the Meta-Intuitive Arts. With this technique, you learn to do real energy work to affect your system, and by extension your feelings and your body. Even without any experience, you can feel it, and within three days of practising SWEET for just a few minutes a day, most students find noticable effects in their lives. They sleep better. They feel more at ease. Their dreams are more vivid.

Practising SWEET on a daily basis is a requirement for making progress in our later program.


GCB stands for Ground, Center, Breathe.

According to many of our students, GCB is a lifesaver. Practising this technique will give you immediate results in becoming more stable in your life, your job, your friends.

For intuitives - and these days, everyone is getting more intuitive - GCB is a must-have as it will finally allow you to let go of all the daily noise, emotions, pains and chaos: both what you pick up from your surroundings and what you generate yourself. You can actively do something to get stable in just a few minutes, no more waiting for days before you feel alright again. You can breathe again. You feel stronger. You can handle situations that normally shake you up. You function better.

A solid grasp on the GCB technique is required to test for Yellow Belt and our subsequent program.

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