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Unconventional Topics

When you start intuitively SCANning what's real and what is not, sometimes you come across some pretty strange things. Truths that you thought were obvious... suddenly don't actually feel right. Ideas that you considered way too far out there, sometimes actually start feeling like there's something to it. Have you gone crazy? Or is there really a lot of information out there that you were never told about?

What do you believe, and what do you write off as fantasy?

In the Unconventional Topics minors, we present you with some ideas and theories that are far from mainstream. Some of them may rock your world. Some may be way out of your comfort zone. We won't tell you what is true. Or what to believe. That is your own job. What we will do is teach you how to intuitively SCAN unconventional ideas for yourself, and draw your own conclusions from them.

Access level: Orange Belt and up