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It's too easy to get Serious when you are on a path to figure out who you are and what your life is all about. Especially since for all of us, that path leads back inside, where we have buried quite a few messy things along the way. Getting Serious about it, though, has never helped anyone find happiness.

We feel that any program that aims to teach you about life and love, should include a healthy dose of fun. To that end, we developed a few minors that will not rock your world, expose you to any scary ideas, or push your buttons. They simply teach you how to play with some of our methods, and to have fun with them.

Access level: Yellow Belt

Creativity is an essential part of human existence. All of us feel the drive to create, to make, to add something of our own to the world around us. Some of us express this through crafts, others through various kinds of art, but writing, building or even organizing can be equally valid methods. There are many ways to express creative energy. There is real value to creative, artistic expressions, beyond the inherent value of adding beauty to the world. Creativity helps you to explore and express parts of yourself that you might not even know existed. 

The Intuitive Arts Minor is intended to use art to expand your intuition, and your intuition to feed your art. It's a two-way street. The course includes several new intuitive methods that allow you to to tap into your own artistic abilities, to exercise your creative muscle, and in doing so, to learn more about yourself and what your subconscious is telling you.  We use several different media, all of which are easily accessible to anyone. Whether you are a seasoned artist or can draw at grade school level makes no difference: everyone can use Intuitive Arts to enrich their lives.