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The Meta-Intuitive Arts, in all their faces and expressions, have been a part of this world for a long time, and have been explored by many different fields - even ones that you might think are opposite. Many great thinkers and feelers across history have had a strong intuitive component, and have used it liberally in their work.

The minors in this category aim to give you some perspective on the way the Meta-Intuitive Arts relate to other systems of understanding and explaining life. They cover the similarities, and the misconceptions. The topics where there is conflict, and where there is surprising agreement. The many places where the meta- weaves in and out of history and sciences, and the places where it clashed with the existing world view. With this perspective, we want you to form your own opinion on the place of the meta- in the world.

When people think of mystics, they often think of wise men with long beards, teacher types with a lot of experience and a strong connection to the Mystery. People who know something that can help you make sense of your life, and inspire you to find your own way to the Sacred, whatever name you personally have for it.

The Mystics Minor is your doorway to exploring mystics throughout the ages, from many different cultures and perspectives. You will learn not only what different types of mystics there are, but also what their function is in society, how they get there, and how you can take the most out of their work to help you on your own path.