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Meta-Intuitive Skills

Within the Meta-Intuitive Arts, there are many different types of skills, techniques and approaches to working with the subtle energies and gaining insights from them. Some use divination tools, others use ancient methods or charts. Some are fairly common these days, while others are rarely ever taught to the uninitiated.

In our Main Program, we teach you the fundamental basics, the How-To-Do-Anything-Intuitively, but we do not teach you ins and outs of each and every intuitive technique. We know that not all of our students are interested in them, and to be honest, you don't need them for our program anyway. Or for getting a happy, healthy life.

That said, some of them are really cool. Learning a new Meta-Intuitive skill can be fun, and can make your intuitive experience more interesting. For those of our students who are curious, we offer a small selection of minors that will teach you at least the beginnings of a few subsets of the Meta-Intuitive Arts.

Access: Orange Belt and up