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Becoming You 202 - Finding Your Self


In the second course in the Becoming You series, we use the foundation we built earlier to go deeper into your First Mind, your seat of personal power, where after some obstacles you will find something both sacred and beautiful. We call it the Ka Ton, the Deep Self. It is the essence of who you came into this life to be, . After a life of having been out of touch with your deep self, you will finally reconnect to it in this course, and start to explore for yourself what it really means to be you.

To help you get to this sacred place inside yourself, we will teach you the basics of three pillars of the Meta-Intuitive Arts: Sourcing, Sensing and Shaping. You will start to apply these on a daily basis to have more energy available, to look beyond the surface of things, and to actively change energies that aren't appropriate to you. We will also introduce you to Elfpath's unique system of Life Path Archetypes (LPAs) that will allow you to grow and develop your self for years to come.

Access level: Yellow Belt

Cost: 242(EUR)
Topics: 11