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Becoming You 201 - Building A Foundation


Becoming your Self is a journey of a lifetime. Like all journeys, it involves taking a lot of little steps and allowing yourself to be changed by the experience. It takes a willingness to really look at yourself, and all the places where you are only pretending. It takes the courage to face what you find inside, but also the courage to express who you are into the world with integrity. It even takes learning to have fun again, and to enjoy the ride. You won't become your Self in a week. It's a process. One that is very much worth it, because you will be with your Self for the rest of your life.

In the Becoming You series of courses, you learn techniques and tools that allow you to grow into a beautiful, amazing version of yourself, one that you can truly be happy with. We try to walk you through your process as effectively as possible, step by step, so that you can go through growth that would take you a decade or more to do on your own. The courses follow the unique Elfpath methodology that lets you make effective changes inside, so that you can express who you are, and get the experiences you want out of life. This series consists of four courses, which should be taken in full in order to achieve stable results.


This first course in the Becoming You series has a very strong inside focus, and as such requires all of the tools for recognising and dealing with emotions that you learned in Basics Course. You will learn what your meta-circulation system is, how it works, and how it affects many aspects of your life: from how you feel about yourself, to how you respond to difficult situations, to the way you relate to people.

Of course, we will also give you the tools and techniques you need to change, heal and develop your system into a strong foundation that generates joy-based emotions. Such tools include effective methods to work on destructive thoughts and emotions, childhood experiences and parental influences, but also ways to work directly with your own subconscious and perceive and shape energies there. By the end of these eleven classes, you will have a clear idea of which energies and attitudes you copied from your parents, and you will be well on your way to becoming you, rather than them.

Access level: Yellow Belt

Cost: 242(EUR)
Topics: 11