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Demo Course gives you a peek into the world of Meta-Intuitive Arts. During two hour-long online classes, we will teach you two of our most important techniques, that form the foundation of much of our later program: SWEET and GCB. These powerful but simple techniques are used by all Elfpath students for their many many benefits, including:


  • sleeping better
  • clearing out emotional and energetic blocks
  • increasing your meta-awareness
  • running more energy in your body
  • becoming more stable and centered
  • handling strong emotions better
  • ... and much more 

As with all our classes, Demo Course will allow you plenty of opportunity to interact with our teachers, ask questions, and get intuitive feedback on your technique.

The class is taught in the FREE Demo Class chatroom twice a month and open to anyone who wants first hand experience with the way an Elfpath course is run. We ask no payment for this class or its contents - but we do ask that you bring an open mind an a willingness to learn and try it for yourself. Completing this class makes you ready to test for White Belt, and gets you a 30% reduction off the follow-up course "Basics" , provided you purchase it within a month of completing Demo.

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