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Growing Wings 304 - Becoming Magical


Magic - the real kind, where you can sense things beyond the physical and where you can shape your world - takes years of learning, practice and hard work to make it possible. This practice in turn changes you. You are no longer just an ordinary person who has learned some tricks ... learning about magic and making the required changes to yourself and your life turns you into someone magical. Someone who walks in a different world than others, and who brings a touch of magic to anyone they meet.

This last course in the Growing Wings series aims to get you there. It involves advanced classes in energy work, perceiving things well beyond what normal people are capable off and using this to change your energy so that you "have something" even to the normal eye. You will learn metaphysical healing, to change the emotions and energies of the people around you on purpose if they are having trouble. Things that to normal people are "weird" or "too strange" or "not real" start to become a normal, tangible part of life for you, and we will teach you how to use this perception to have a richer, more intense life experience than you ever thought was possible. At this point, your life has started to become truly magical.

This last course in the Growing Wings series concludes the Elfpath main program. Students who want to advance beyond this point and into Black Belt and beyond need to contact their teacher and make private arrangements for a program tailored to their personal needs and interests.

Access Level: Brown Belt

Cost: 242(EUR)
Topics: 11