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Growing Wings 303 - Spiritual Maturity


At this point in your process, you are required to step up and recognise that you are emotionally and spiritually more skilled and much more experienced than almost anyone out there. More is expected of you, in the way you conduct yourself, the energy you hold, and how you life your life in line with your personal values and training.

The third course of the Growing Wings series focusses on really developing high-end Meta-Intuitive Skills, such as recalling past lives and working with the more subtle energies on a day to day basis. Through this, you will gain an in-dept practical understanding of what life is all about, how it works, and how you can work within life's framework to get the most out of it for yourself and the people around you. We will work through Elfpath's uniquely developed Circle of Truths while continuously building a clearer and stronger sense of Self, so that you can become at least reasonably skilled in all the most fundamental pillars of the human experience.

Access level: Blue Belt

Cost: 242(EUR)
Topics: 11