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Growing Wings 302 - Finding Power


When we talk about power at Elfpath, we mean personal power. To be the one in charge of your own life, without letting other people's opinion and pressures affect what you have decided - whether those other people live in your present or in your past, or are simply voices and feelings inside. When you find personal power as strong as this, you suddenly gain an enormous ability to shape your life and move forward with a sense of purpose and direction that other people are simply not capable of. You know who you are, you know what you want and you do not stop until you decide to.

In this second course of the Growing Wings series, you learn some what power means: when to express and enforce what you feel is right, and when to remain quiet. When to push, when to fold, and when not to play at all. You will cover secrets about human interactions and people's subconscious drives, and through practical techniques learn how to use them in a healthy way that is in harmony with everyone involved. Along with this, we will cover appropriate surrender, and expand on your Meta-Intuitive skillset. This course contains several topics that we will not teach to anyone who does not solidly have their heart online and is functioning from love.

Access level: Blue Belt

Cost: 242(EUR)
Topics: 11