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Becoming You 203 - Expressing You


Expression of your self is an essential part of life. It is by expressing who you really are, every day, that you will get an amazing experience out of life. That means without hiding behind masks or lies and without letting other people's rules and expectations hold you back. It also means choosing to not express your shadow and those habits that no longer serve you, and to grow in the direction that you want instead. It is by walking your path that you really develop your Self.

Expressing what is real to you, however, does not come easy to most people. It can be scary, new, or just awkward at first. In this third course in the Becoming You series, we focus on helping you express yourself in the world with integrity. You will learn how to change inner agreements you have made about the ways you should behave, but also how to communicate effectively with others, how to look good while doing it, and how to be really excited about living your life.

Access level: Orange Belt

Cost: 242(EUR)
Topics: 11