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Growing Wings 301 - Growing Strong


The Growing Wings series of courses is intended for those students who want to go beyond having a happy, healthy life in which they express their best sense of self and experience real love. It is for those people who really want to become someone amazing, skilled well beyond average in any number of fields, living a life with intensity and great personal power. It's for those of you who want to make a difference in the world and who aren't afraid of hard work, commitment and taking responsibility in order to get it. As with the Becoming You series, the four courses in the Growing Wings series belong together and should not be taken in part.


The first course in the series focusses on taking all the things learned in Becoming You, and building increased strength and focus into it. You will learn to do more than just feel and process your emotions: you can actively shape them and feel what you choose. Your will and your decisions become more important than what any other pieces inside you want or feel. With practise, you learn to intuitively SCAN before you act, and when you act, to do so with confidence and conviction. In this course, we will also cover the workings of the Second Mind and give you new techniques to build and expand this very important part of your meta-circulation system.

Access level: Green Belt

Cost: 242(EUR)
Topics: 11