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  • Melanie(Yellow)


    Yesterday I decided to get up early today and go jogging. I even set my alarm for 6.30am, but was still thinking I'm kinda nuts for doing it, because it's Winter, and living in a mountain area makes it at least feel colder. But then the alarm went off this morning, and after 5 minutes I said to myself "I said I would do it, so I'll do it". I got up, got dressed, and went outside for 15 minutes! :D
  • Myrthe(Yellow)


    Hello Magic, I would like to hold them.
    Which one would you like to hold?
    The green and blue one! (=A3f)
  • Rohaa(Black****)


    ... didn't know it was possible, but I just found something I love to google even more than "Baby animals" or even just "babies". It's "Ocean Waves". Whoa. So beautiful. I could stare at this all day if I weren't busy putting content into Infobase :)
  • Susanne(Brown***)


    1. HOLD the FEMALE version of you on your throne. What you want to DO??
    2. HOLD the MALE version of you on your throne. What you want to DO??
    3. Whats difference in DOINGS?
    4. Any time peoples are MEAN or dismissive to peoples of other gender today GET ON THEIR CASE!! MAKE them listen. SHOW them it's NOT ok!
  • Teddybear(Blue**)


    Hello long time of awesome website! I see you are dead and I've come to revive you! :)