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Community Care

Community Care

Team Leader: Storm

Team Task Description: Our community is one of the strong points of Elfpath, and so very important for making this process work. This team has the very important task to make sure that our community is easily accessible, open, and friendly. That involves taking into account all the different types of people that will visit our website, and making sure that each of them feels welcome and at ease. They should be able to find the right information quickly so they can use the site optimally. The Community Care team also is responsible for any problems between users that fall outside of classes and student-teacher relationships, offensive or inappropriate messages, spam, spotting people who signal being in trouble in some way (emotionally, personal situation, etc) but aren't being noticed, keeping people involved, motivated and interested, and spotting wants and problems in the community as a whole.

Current Top Priorities:

  • Simple and attractive Tour page so new people can find their way quickly
  • Bringing the community to live. Having people post, chat, talk, be present
  • How-To for the most important features (chat, moodle)

On the Team:

  • Jacob
  • Wim
  • Big Mel ?
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