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A1's FTW!
  • A1's FTW! (Private)

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  • Category: LPAs
  • Created: Tuesday, 02 July 2013
  • Group Admins: Casadei(Orange)

This is a group for the A1 LPA (both M and F paths)

It's goal is to put all the A1's together and create weekly goals related to the LPA and help eachother work through and build it.

But no seriously business! it will be fun! Creative art projects, learning to play! A1 is lots of fun after all!

How it Works:

1. Meet up on the decided meetup day/time

2. Pick something YOU want to work on for the week (Play? Creativity? Trust?)

3. Put our list together and pick the first topic for the week and work on it together as a group.
(Example: Person A wants to work on play, Person B want to work on trust, this week we will all work on play, and next week we will all work on trust.)

4. GO DO IT! Spend the week on practicing/being/doing the activity related to the topic.
(Example: Creativity is the topic, the goal is to create something as often as possible! Paint a picture, write and record a song, write a poem, record or prepare a dance!)

5. Meet up on the decided meetup day/time discusse and share findings, troubles, experiances or put on a show! Help encourage and support eachother.


To get started we can pick from the list...then go from there :)




Has a deep belief in something. Without this belief she founders

Collector and keeper of knowledge

Always questing to learn and experience more

Comfortable with both the dark and light parts of herself

Balances the meta- and the physical in her life

Successful at both

Embodies much of the “divine feminine”

Has a healthy inner balance of the male and female energies

Helps others to grow in love and trust


Knowledgeable about the “laws of the universe”

Understand people and genuinely likes them

Encourages healthy family and group relationships

Understands people’s dreams, hopes, desires, fears and guides them.

Natural teacher, always guiding and sharing with others

Seems young, but is very wise, people are startled by her

Youthful, energetic, lively, pretty, maybe sexy.

Emotional, expressive, and comfortable with emotions

Possible sexually active and comfortable with it

But sex is not a big motivator for her

Has resolved damage from childhood traumas

Helps others to do so







Very confident

Can handle any situation

Good with tools


Intelligent, but practical

Disciplined, focused, committed, hard-working

Moral, that is, he has a strong sense of what he sees as right and wrong and lives according to it.

Skilled in relationships (professional, family, and with lovers)

Balanced in physical, emotional, and mental and good at all of them

Includes an idea of spirit in everything. He seeks a higher purpose in life

Decides where to focus his energy, what to work on

Seeks to understand the inner workings of people, things, and processes

Has a deep understanding as a result

Sees the potential, not the past

Builds confidence in others

Very creative in work and play. May write, play music, make art.

Always seeking new skills/tools

Holds the attitude that he can do anything he sets his mind/heart to

Can easily translate ideas into action

Experiments, always trying new things

Not bound to any idea or philosophy, he easily changes when his experiments lead him to new ideas.

Sees each failure as an experience to learn and grow and is grateful for it

Magnetic and charming personality. People like him

Children and animals love him

Sexually confident and good with partners (both sexually and in relationships)

Encourages others

Teaches well. He can explain things at any level and is good with metaphors

Really cares about others


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