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Discussion started by Rohaa(Black****), on 5 years ago

ALL THE CHANGELINGS! Use the comments section for this discussion to:

1. State your Big Decision (i.e. I want to be This Clan and not That Clan). 

2. State why you want it.

3. State what is exciting to you about the Clan you want to change into.

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I decide to be SHAPER and let go of being senser. I excited about shaper cause I can DO things, BIG THINGS, HEAL people, Be loud, big, just go without fuss about details :D
5 years ago
Hi, just to be sure, I acted like a source because that was/is my mask. I want to be a senser, because I want to have 3-d! sense beautiful things, get better at communicating and show people that the world and they too are awesome. so this is exciting about it and the why, they are similar no?
5 years ago